Marantz VP-11S2 Single-Chip DLP 1080p Projector



The Design

The VP-11S2 is a big projector. You could put it on your coffee table, but there would be no room for the coffee. It is meant to be mounted on the ceiling. It's pretty heavy too, so get a sturdy projector mount. If you do decide to put it on your coffee table, you can operate it with the buttons on the top.

























Although the projector has all the required inputs, if you use the composite video to watch your movies, please buy a ticket to get on the next space shuttle, because you are no longer acceptable to videophiles here on planet earth. Same for S-Video.













There are two HDMI inputs, but with the way things are going in receiver and processor design, you really only need one, which would be connected to your receiver's HDMI output. If you have an old receiver with no HDMI, then of course, you can connect your Blu-ray player and your high def satellite box to the two projector inputs.

The VP11S2's HDMI inputs meet version 1.3 specifications, which means they will handle deep color. Problem is, there aren't any deep color sources out there, but if and when when they do come, you can watch them with this projector.

The remote control is very nice and is backlit. I guess it's about time that manufacturers have figured out what we want on these controls: the ability to select the iris setting, lamp brightness, color temperature, etc. This remote has lots of selection, but not too much. Like Baby Bear said, "It's just right."

The menu structure is very sophisticated, with lots of control over the image. In the Standard mode, you can't change many of the setup features. It is sort of the "Idiot Proof" mode. In the screen shots below, I had set the projector to Theater 1. You can see that the array of possibilities is enormous. In particular, note Fine Menu 1, where the Gain (upper IRE) and Bias (lower IRE) can be adjusted for the individual primary color output. The HDMI menu shows the Deep Color settings. All in all, the most powerful menu I have yet seen.