Rotel RSP-1570 A/V Processor



Overall the build quality is great and the audio is flawless. The video up-conversion is still not the best with all displays, fortunately 1080p is passed without any processing. There is no room-correction system as Rotel feels this is more effective when performed by a qualified professional rather than the end-user. It does seem strange that features available in some $500 receivers are missing from this unit, but keep in mind, the target market for this processor is more likely to want separate video and room correction processors. This is not a "bells & whistles" product. With receivers and processors features will drive the decision. In my setup I do not require room correction with my main speakers, nor do I need extra video processing, and therefore lacking these features was not a problem for me.

If you want all the latest connectivity and configuration abilities, the Rotel will leave you wanting more. But, if you want great sound, a solid build, and ease of use (these are really the things that count), the RSP-1570 should be on your audition list.