McIntosh MX150 7.1 A/V Surround Sound Processor (SSP)



The MX150 is an extremely versatile 7.1 A/V processor which offers an unbelievable amount of control and customization. McIntosh has certainly paid attention to the details and the MX150 can be customized to suit the personal needs and tastes of its users. This makes the MX150 very comfortable and predictable to use for everyone in the family.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the MX150 and I will seriously miss its performance in my system. The MX150 delivers an exceptional experience in terms of both usability and audio performance for movies and music alike. While the MX150 does not attempt to implement all the latest technology, it does deliver a solid feature set which McIntosh customers can rely on for many years. While it is certainly a luxury processor, the MX150 A/V Control Center is part of the McIntosh tradition of audio excellence and for those who can afford it, the MX150 can easily serve as the centerpiece for an amazing home theater.