Rotel RSP-1069 7.1 Surround Sound Processor



This is a flexible and great sounding surround processor. What it does do, it does very well, however it does lack some options on even entry level receivers today. If you can live without auto room calibration and HDMI 1.3b then you should give this unit a test drive. This is a well built great sounding processor with ample features.


At the recent CEDIA 2008 Expo, Rotel announced a new product line, dubbed the 15 series (the RSP 1069 is from the 10 series) and features a new Surround Processor, the 1570. Initial information reveals it will be priced similar to the 1069, includes HDMI1.3, and features new styling. They have apparently discontinued the 1098 processor and the 1570 will become their new flagship processor. There still appears to be no room calibration or auto EQ, however it should support DSD over HDMI which is good news for SACD fans. My sources suggest the models may be due out later this year, however most likely we will not see the unit available until the current stock of 1069's is no longer available. It seems as though Rotel listened to the consumers and have upgraded the video section. Hopefully the sound quality will remain as good as the current 10 series. When the new units are available I intend on writing a comparison review of the 1069 and 1570.