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Aperion Audio Sets Home Theater Surround Speakers Free with a Wireless Plug and Play System

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

The Aperion Zona™ Wireless Surround Speaker System Lets Enthusiasts and Installers Put Surround Sound Wherever They Want It

Portland, OR, September 23, 2010 – Aperion Audio, a direct-to-consumer maker of award-winning home theater speaker systems, ushers in the Aperion Zona Wireless Surround Speaker System at CEDIA Expo 2010. Aperion’s Zona brings reliable audiophile-grade surround sound to speaker locations where running wires is unsightly, difficult or impossible. The Aperion Zona Wireless Surround Speaker System overcomes these challenges using proven digital wireless technology that connects automatically when turned on. Home theater enthusiasts and custom installers can simply place the speakers where they want, plug them into a power outlet and instantly play high-fidelity sound.

Although surround sound for home theaters debuted years ago, homeowners often leave the surround or rear speakers unconnected to eliminate wires snaking around the room. But home theater buffs know they’re missing out on the full surround sound experience. “About one out of every four people we consult with asks if we make wireless surround speakers,” says Jason Hicks, Home Theater Guru at Aperion Audio. “Until now, we didn’t have a solution. We would’ve happily recommended other existing products, but they typically suffer from poor fidelity, unreliable connections or complexity, and that wouldn’t be acceptable for our customers. I’m excited that our product team has come up with a self-contained, high-end wireless system that lets home theater enthusiasts add surround sound wherever they want—no matter who manufactured their speaker system.”

Aperion designed the Zona speakers to work aesthetically and sonically with all home theater speaker systems. In addition, the Aperion Zona speakers can double as a wireless solution for music stored on personal computers or laptops. Plugging the Aperion Zona transmitter into the PC’s USB port automatically sends sound to Zona speakers located up to 150 feet away.

The Aperion Zona Speaker System consists of a compact wireless transmitter and two two-way powered speakers with tuned port and built-in wireless receivers. The transmitter connects to the Surround Pre-Out jacks of an AVR and the speakers link automatically when plugged in. Once connected, the system produces uncompressed 16 bit/48 kHz CD-quality audio.

Pricing, Availability and Warranty:
The Aperion Zona Wireless Surround Speaker System (two speakers, one transmitter) is priced at $499. Pre-orders are now being accepted, and the system is expected to ship on October 25, 2010. The One (1)-year limited warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship.

SWAT 2.4, the most powerful Wireless Transceiver

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

SWAT 2.4 is a wireless audio transceiver that allows you to play audio from your audio source to almost any speaker wirelessly. The SWAT 2.4 is the perfect solution for your home theater set-up. There is no need to bother with costly and messy wiring which is especially difficult in older homes. If you want a truly clean and neat system, pair the SWAT 2.4 with Earthquake’s Couch Potato subwoofer. The Couch Potato’s slim enclosure is designed to be tucked under the bed or couch. Now with the SWAT 2.4, you don’t have to worry about wiring a subwoofer that sits in the middle of the room. For a more high end system, use one, two, or even three Supernova subwoofers since one Transmitter can hook up to multiple Receivers. If you don’t like how the subwoofers are set up, you can easily rearrange them with the SWAT 2.4.

The SWAT 2.4 is also ideal for parties and entertaining. For a seamless outdoor audio system, use the SWAT 2.4 and avoid the headache of outdoor wiring. You can play music from your desktop inside and the sound will emit from the speakers outside. The SWAT 2.4 is also great for DJs who don’t want people tripping on wires or want more freedom when setting up their speakers.

Debug Your System:
During Dr. John E. Johnson’s review of the SWAT 2.4, he found that the SWAT 2.4 eliminated the humming noise in his system. There is no ground loop, so not only does the SWAT 2.4 free you of wiring, it frees you from that frustrating hum noise you can not get rid of from conventional wiring. You can even debug your system so that you can pinpoint what is source of the problem is.

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