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New LP12 SE Upgrades deliver vinyl performance that’s simply out of this world

Friday, May 1st, 2009


“Simply the biggest performance improvement from an LP12 upgrade ever”

 Ivor Tiefenbrun, Linn Founder, CEO and Inventor of Sondek LP12 

·         LP12 SE now represents a new pinnacle in turntable performance

·         Two new upgrades offer a completely new and improved way of powering and amplifying the LP12

·         More music, even less noise – deliver even more value from your cherished vinyl collection

·         A new level of platter accuracy means your records always spin at the perfect speed every time you switch on 

The new Radikal DC motor control and Urika phono stage upgrades elevate the performance of our flagship turntable to such a high level they immediately assume their place within our coveted LP12 SE series, which now represents a new pinnacle in turntable performance. 

The upgrades deliver the biggest performance improvement from an LP12 ever.  The new designs offer a completely new way of powering and amplifying your turntable to retrieve and protect the source signal to a far greater degree than ever before. 

The new Radikal DC motor, control unit and power supply offers a new level of speed accuracy, as well as radically reduced electrical and mechanical noise.   

With an on-board speed management system which auto-calibrates the turntable for accurate motor speed control (using technology from Klimax DS), manual speed adjustment is no longer required.   

The new brushed DC motor has a very low magnetic field as well as very low electrical noise, and is housed in a machined casing designed to reduce vibration and resonance. 

The Radikal motor control unit and power supply is encased in an elegant and timeless Linn chassis, available in black or silver.  The same product can also be ordered in a velvet-touch ‘machined-from-solid’ aluminium chassis to match a Klimax system if required. 

Urika, the new phono stage, is located in the best possible place for no-holds barred performance – inside the deck.  This new internal location is only made possible by the introduction of the DC motor.  This prime position greatly reduces the signal path, minimising loss of information from the cartridge and maximising performance. 

Other major design enhancements to the phono stage include a new screened and balanced T-Kable and a dual mono phono design.  The new T-Kable is directly soldered to the phono stage and delivers an improved signal-to-noise ratio, whilst increased flexibility enables the suspension to work more effectively without interference.  The dual mono phono design provides dedicated circuitry for each channel to minimise cross-talk. 

The new LP12 SE upgrades can now be auditioned at Linn Turntable Specialists worldwide, many of whom are also hosting an ‘Out of this World – LP12 SE’ Event.  Find out more and book a place on      

The Radikal and Urika LP12 SE upgrades are now on sale at Linn Turntable Specialists worldwide. 

Suggested UK Retail Pricing (inc VAT) is as follows:

Linn Radikal (standard chassis): £2,500 inc VAT

Linn Radikal (machined-from-solid chassis): £4,500 inc VAT

Linn Urika: £2,250 inc VAT 

Customers can also maximise performance and save money by upgrading both products together:

Linn Radikal (standard chassis) plus Linn Urika package: £4,200 inc VAT

Linn Radikal (machined from solid chassis) plus Linn Urika package: £6,200 inc VAT 

LINN is recognised as the performance leader in pitch-accurate sound reproduction. Its authenticity comes from its original design, technology and manufacturing capabilities.  LINN works exclusively with the world’s leading specialist retailers and installers – people committed to providing the highest quality and performance solutions for their clients. LINN entertainment systems can be found in the world’s finest homes, superyachts and commercial applications. In 2002 LINN was granted Royal Warrant status, as suppliers of entertainment systems to the Royal Household. 

Linn Sondek LP12.  In 1972 Linn Products was born to produce a new turntable.  The Sondek LP12 revolutionised the hi-fi industry by retrieving more information from an LP record than ever before. The longest lived hi-fi product of all time, the LP12 is still the benchmark by which all turntables are judged.

Linn Records offers a diverse, distinctive catalogue of over 275 titles of jazz, classical and Celtic music from a distinguished roster of artists.  Titles available from Linn Records on 180g vinyl:

AKH 257 – Carol Kidd – All My Tomorrows

AKH 297 – Carol Kidd – Carol Kidd

AKH 272 – Claire Martin – Too Darn Hot!

CKH 312 – Dunedin Consort – Handel’s Messiah (3 LP set)

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