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Performance and Portability Go Together Beautifully With The New “On The Go” iF350 iPod/iPhone® Dock From Edifier

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

The Edifier “On The Go” iF350, part of Edifier’s highly successful Lifestyle series of audio products, is literally the go-anywhere/anytime iPod/iPhone partner.

HONG KONG, China – Presenting a perfect marriage of aesthetic design, audio and performance, and remarkable portability, Edifier today introduced the “On The Go” iF350 portable iPod/iPhone® dock and FM radio combination. Never compromising audio performance for style, the iF350 is the ideal musical companion for all occasions providing the best sound that can be heard and that can be held in one hand! Ideal for picnics in the park, afternoons on the beach or backyard barbeques, the “On The Go” brings good vibes for any adventure that summer may bring.

The Edifier iF350 stands apart in appearance quality. Finished in a classic rounded casing with a contrasting black-and-white color scheme, the design features of this model have been very well thought out: the credit card remote control stows in a discreet slot on the back of the unit, and the iF350’s stand and iPod docking point are cleverly pivoted using a soft-release system at the push of a button. The iF350’s LCD instantly lets you know source mode (FM radio, iPod or AUX input), as well as the volume levels and a menu system for setting the time, alarms and other settings.

But as with all Edifier products, the iF350 has just as much going for it on the inside, as well: two shielded 6-Watt speakers provide accurate, distortion-free reproduction across its 30Hz-to-20kHz frequency range. The integrated FM radio has an automatic search facility that quickly locates stations and allows the user to store them. And the Edifier iF350 comes with a number of base plates for use with all versions of the iPod for flawless docking of the devices.

“Audio lifestyle choices are largely based on portability, and the Edifier iF350 is more stylish and performs better than any other portable dock,” states Anthony Wilkinson, senior vice president, Edifier. “’Portability’ and ‘great sound’ don’t always go hand in hand, especially at price points below $200, but the Edifier iF350 proves that when you do them right like we do, they can make beautiful music together.”

The iF350 is filled with useful features, including 2 3-inch speaker drivers that deliver smooth, clean, uncompromised audio; a built-in rechargeable Li-on battery that offers up to 15 hours of playtime on a single charge; a full-function wireless remote control that allows navigation of iPod tracks and playlists and is easily stored in slot within the unit; a fold-away dock and neoprene carry pouch for easy portability; an FM radio with up to 18 presets; and a switchable power supply (120-240 volts) for worldwide use, making the iF350 – which weighs barely 3 pounds! — so portable it can go literally anywhere with you. And the iF350 is light on price, too, at under $120!

EDIFIER INTERNATIONAL is a leading global designer and manufacturer of award-winning audio speaker products that feature contemporary design and high sound quality. Founded in Beijing in 1996 and with offices in Vancouver, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires, Edifier has sales in more than fifty countries and has become a world-class international audio components manufacturer providing unique, inspirational, visually elegant and functional audio solutions for home, consumer electronics and PC multimedia applications. Now with 3,000 employees producing more than eight million sets annually, the company has won numerous international design awards, including breakthrough CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards (CES 2008 (two awards) and CES 2010 (one award)) in the U.S.; iF Product Design awards in 2008 and a Red Dot Design Award (MP300 Plus and Luna2 E20, 2009) in Germany; and a Good Design Award in Japan in for MP300 Plus in 2008. For ore information please go to

Edifier New Luna5 iF500-Encore All-In-One Audio System Offers Unprecedented Performance And Winning Style For Any Home

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

The Edifier Luna5 encore’s stunning appearance and incredible sonic performance earned it a coveted CES Innovation Honoree Award.

HONG KONG, China – Offering the ultimate in design excellence and uncompromised audio quality in an elegant all-in-one audio system, Edifier today introduced the brand new Luna5 encore – iF500. As an iPod®, iPhone®, MP3 docking station or when operated in digital FM radio mode, the simplicity of use, design and audio quality of the Luna5 encore make it a must-have for avid music listeners. Raising the expectation level for both design quality and sonic performance, the Luna5 encore immerses the senses, both visually and sonically at an affordable price. The Luna5 encore’s understated, elegant design and great sonic performance make it the ideal audio accompaniment for that special dinner party, a holiday cocktail hour or rainy Sunday reading the papers and listening to jazz.

“The Luna5 encore was designed to outperform anything in the class of highly compact music playback systems, and it accomplishes that with greater elegance and at an affordable price of under $300,” says Anthony Wilkinson, senior vice president, Edifier. “The Luna5 encore delivers exceptional sound and does it with style and grace in its design. It is exactly what it is intended to be: something you not only want to listen to but also want to display.” (more…)

Edifier Fuses Sleek Design & Sonic Performance With Affordability To Compliment Homes With Its High Performance Lifestyle Line Of Audio Products

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Edifier’s elegant design and exceptional sonic performance combine with its affordability to make it a perfect fit for consumers

HONG KONG, China – With a compelling array of colors and styles to match the wide spectrum of taste and style of the modern consumer, Edifier high performance Lifestyle line of audio products are designed to make today’s on-the-go-digital lifestyle more beautiful – visually and sonically. The company’s aesthetic design, an eclectic combination of many different contemporary styles, fits in with the need for expression felt by every consumer in the world. Similarly, Edifier’s sound performance meets the increasingly high standards for audio as sound quality improves in certain areas of our lives. Designed for today’s multimedia lifestyle but inspired by classic, modern and post-modern sculpture design, the Edifier Lifestyle family of products sound great and look wonderful, complimenting all occasions for musical enjoyment.

“With the emphasis that North American consumers place on how a product looks, how it performs, and what value it will bring into their lives, this market and Edifier’s lifestyle series of products were literally made for each other,” said Anthony Wilkinson, senior vice president, Edifier.

Edifier believes that everyone deserves this kind of beauty and elegance in their lives, and that’s why Edifier products are not only impressive to look at and to experience, but also incredibly affordable too. For instance, the Edifier AURORA is beautifully designed portable 2.1 desktop speaker system that lets you take the music wherever you want it to go. It offers a uniquely designed and magnetically shielded pair of full-range spherical satellites with metal-weave speaker grilles and a bass-ported, brush-finished aluminum 9-Watt subwoofer for extended bass response, all contained in their own protective and compact carry case. Inside, the engineering of the AURORA is just as gorgeous, with a highly detailed bass and ultra-smooth-sounding full-range mid and high frequencies for superb clarity. What’s more amazing is that the Edifier AURORA sells for less than $100 – the ultimate in form, function and cost. This kind of cost-effective aesthetic design is characteristic of all of Edifier’s Lifestyle products, including: (more…)

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