Snake River Audio is taking a bite out of the competition.

Snake River Audio is proud to announce they are officially on the national cable scene and what sets them apart is that they are a team of audiophiles, who passionately make cables for audiophiles.

Jonny Wilson said, “By design, Snake River Audio is a small company, employing only a handful of people and we prefer it that way. Our goal is to make Snake River Audio a well-known company, yet not common. Just like an exotic sports car, every interconnect, speaker, and power cable is handmade with extreme attention to detail. We strongly believe that it is impossible to mass-produce true quality.”

They produce numerous items to fit the needs of anyone seeking higher quality audio, including: The Adder, made with their high quality pure silver wiring. The Cottonmouth, made with high quality 24k gold-plated wiring. The Mamushi interconnects, which are truly unique in the world of interference suppression and coming soon, the Jararacas series which will be completely unlike anything on the market today!

Snake River Audio customizes cables to fit any room size but keeps lengths of one and a half meters, two meters, and three meters at the ready. They are all sold by the pair with matching serial numbers and come with a certificate of Authenticity. Once you take the time to know the product line, you will find they are not only a work of passion, but a work of art. “Like” them on Facebook to keep up with what they are currently working on and share your questions and excitement about the Snake River Audio products online.

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