Daily Blog – Steve Smallcombe – February 27, 2008: BUY HD DVDs NOW?

As predicted, the price of HD DVDs has fallen dramatically in the last week. As I am sure everyone has read by now, even Microsoft has thrown in the towel concerning HD DVD drives for their X Box 360. The optional HD DVD drives are now available for $50.

A few days ago, I checked HD DVD pricing on Amazon and was pleased to find a number of HD DVDs that I wanted at $14.95; and so I bought a few and they arrived in my mail box yesterday. When I checked the Amazon site last night and today, some of these same movies, as well as other titles were now $11.95. So I bought a few more.

Note however, that some of the new releases on HD DVD, such as Beowulf and American Gangster still command a respectable price, $27.95.

Does buying HD DVDs on the cheap make sense, since we now know for sure that HD DVD it to be an obsolete format? I think if you have a HD DVD player already, as I do, it probably does, especially if it is a movie you think you may want to watch more than once.

3 Responses to “Daily Blog – Steve Smallcombe – February 27, 2008: BUY HD DVDs NOW?”

  1. ovation Says:

    I just picked up a “spare” player (an A3) for 80$ (included two movies I wanted but had not bought and a six foot HDMI cable). I’ve been buying select HD DVD titles at Amazon when their prices have fallen to where I feel they are worth it and now, armed with two players (even though I only have one HD display now, the other one will work with the newly freed up TV owing to a gear reshuffling–I was going to pick up a player for that TV anyway), the chances of my HD DVDs becoming “coasters” are greatly diminished. I feel less reluctant to buy more HD DVD titles, especially as prices continue to fall (online, anyway–the B&M stores around here don’t appear to have gotten the memo). In fact, as I continue to buy SACDs but have only one SACD player, I may just start looking for a backup in that department as well (though not for now as there is no immediate “threat” of an abrupt end to production of players).

  2. Steve Says:

    It’s funny but it seems that Best Buy didn’t get the memo either.


  3. Maurice J Says:

    Yes, because the format works and this may be last opprtunity to buy HD DVDs at this low price. Every HD DVD I’ve purchased has been on sale mainly from Amazon and during the holiday sales from Best Buy and a few from Circuit City. My want list is complete, now I will check for others. I will probably buy a second player. For many years I enjoyed The Laserdisc format whose main support was Pioneer. The other companies supported the obsolete technology VHS. I guess control of the market and profits trump technology every time.

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