Daily Blog – Ross Jones – May 29, 2008: WAITING FOR THE ANALOG TV SHUTDOWN.

It’s less than a year until the oft-delayed analog TV shut-off takes place (264 days, if you’re keeping track). While that is a big deal to people still using rabbit ears, for the rest of us, not so much. Those with digital displays aren’t affected, and consumers who subscribe to satellite already have digital receivers, even if their televisions are analog-based. Cable customers with set-top boxes are good to go, and thanks to our federal government, even those who plug their cable directly from the wall to their TV will get a coupon for a free digital-to-analog converter.

The real question, for us cable subscribers (at least I am this week), is whether the nation-wide shutdown of analog stations will lead to a treasure trove of new, high definition channels. At least that’s what is being sold as one of the benefits of the digital transition, since theoretically analog stations take up much more bandwidth that even an HD channel (using advanced compression).

Call me a skeptic; I’ll believe it when I see it. If it does happen, it will benefit not only cable customers but will put more pressure on the satellite providers to increase their HD offerings. 264 days and counting.

2 Responses to “Daily Blog – Ross Jones – May 29, 2008: WAITING FOR THE ANALOG TV SHUTDOWN.”

  1. Ken T. Says:

    I was under the impression that cable subscribers – even the ones who don’t use STBs and connect the cable directly from the wall to the TV – would not need to pick up a convert box. Are you absolutely sure about this?

  2. Ross Jones Says:

    You’re correct; the federal mandate applies only to OTA, not cable. Cable companies are trying to migrate away from analog as well, but as you point out, people with analog sets can plug directly into the wall and receive analog signals.

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