Daily Blog – John E. Johnson, Jr. – March 29, 2008: ELECTRIC CARS ARE COMING SOONER THAN I THOUGHT.

Today’s news reports that Mitsubishi (yes, they make a lot more stuff than just TV’s) displayed its new electric car at the 2008 New York Annual Auto Show:  


I guess the USA is not the only country that is sick of paying so much money for gasoline.

Mitsubishi is already trying them out here in the US to see if consumers are interested.

Interested? Where do I sign up for one of these?

It has high tech lithium rechargeable batteries that will take the car 80 miles. I suspect that is a stretch. Let’s say it will go 40 miles with some stop and go, and some uphill. That is plenty for me, and I think, plenty for most of us who might commute 20 miles or less each way to work every day.

It recharges in 7 hours using 240 volts (every US home has this for use with electric ovens and electric dryers, and if you don’t have it hooked up, it is there waiting in the breaker box). A recharger under development will do it in 30 minutes.

So, what I would like to know is how much mileage gets trimmed off when using a nice big fat aftermarket in-car hi-fi? The motor draws a huge percentage of the current, so I would estimate that for a 20 mile trip to work, playing the hi-fi constantly, at 80 dB, maybe 2 miles worth? If that is the case, run an extension cord out your office window to recharge it while you work.

Maybe some sort of a propane heater like we use on camping trips.

Air conditioning can be had by developing a car version of what we used to call, in Texas, a “Swamp Cooler”. It worked by dripping cold water over a drum-shapped fan with slits in it. The fan could be outside the window, spinning from the air going past it when you are driving.

Now, if they will just sell it to us for under $20,000.

2 Responses to “Daily Blog – John E. Johnson, Jr. – March 29, 2008: ELECTRIC CARS ARE COMING SOONER THAN I THOUGHT.”

  1. Kieran Says:

    What’s the matter JEJ, don’t have the 100 large burning a hole in your pocket for a Tesla Roadster?
    Amazing the performance they can get out of it, even for $100,000.

  2. John Johnson Says:

    I started drooling over the Tesla the minute I saw it, but alas, I prefer the sound of subwoofers rather than the sound of engines, even electric ones. A/V is where I spend my cash. The “cheap” electric car will change the face of the USA, even the world, forever. Lower pollution, use of renewable energy, it will even fight terrorism by reducing their cash flow. They can’t build bombs without money. China must also participate in the use of electric cars, and I don’t think it will take much to convince them, as their air is terribly polluted. The hybrid car is just a transition. We must go to a completely clean mode of personal transportation, i.e., electricity. The hydrogen fuel cell is OK, because the combustion product is water, but it still releases a lot of heat. The main concern I have is safety in the small car. They will have to focus on building something that we have a reasonable chance of surviving a crash, which means steel bars criss-crossing the outside of the passenger space. Life is going to be good when we arrive at the electric car revolution though. It will be great to go outside and see totally blue skies and smell something besides exhaust fumes on the highways.

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