Daily Blog – John E. Johnson, Jr. – March 28, 2008: HOW ABOUT A BIG ONE?

The news says that due to the economy, HDTV manufacturers believe consumers will scale back on their TV purchases and not get that 50″ plasma, but the smaller ones instead. So, they are going to increase production of 30″ and smaller flat panel HDTVs.

I don’t think so.

50″, 60″, 62″ . . . that is what has been marketed to us now for several years. They have been building us up to buy a BIG HDTV!

So, now they think that just because gas is headed to $4 a gallon, we are going to cut back on something we do at least 2 hours every evening? Cut back on the size of our new HDTV?

My first HDTV was a 30 incher, and it cost me $2,800. It was 720p.

Now that I can buy a 60″ for $2,295 . . .

Let’s put it this way. 30″ TVs are for the bathroom.

3 Responses to “Daily Blog – John E. Johnson, Jr. – March 28, 2008: HOW ABOUT A BIG ONE?”

  1. ovation Says:

    Let’s put it this way. 30″ TVs are for the bathroom.

    Not in my bathroom :lol: (Just how big IS your bathroom, anyway?)

    I’m not sure the average consumer would agree with you–at least in cities with older homes that have smaller rooms. I have several friends in Montreal (I live in a suburb of Montreal) with older houses and they wouldn’t consider anything above 40 inches (they prefer 32 to 37 inches). Of course, I wouldn’t qualify them as home cinema enthusiasts, but I do consider them to be typical consumers.

    Even in my house, in the burbs (newer with more open style floor plan on the main floor), anything over 42 inches in our living room would be overpowering and 37 would probably be more proportional (we currently live quite well with our 27 inch SD CRT–soon to be swapped with an identical model but 32 inches from another room). I think below 30 inches is unlikely to be the “ideal” for most people (though it may be that cost limits them to such) but I doubt 37 to 42 will be surpassed as the “sweet spot” for some time to come (outside those who are aiming for a functioning home cinema as opposed to a “nice TV”).

  2. John Johnson Says:

    Let’s put it this way. My kitchen HDTV is a 47″ 1080p flat panel LCD. I really don’t have a 30″ in the bathroom, but I do have a 30″ LCD as my computer monitor. I do a lot of HD video editing, and the current setup is getting too slow, so will update next month or so to a faster processor and at least two 30″ flat panel LCD monitors, maybe even three.

  3. Tyler Says:

    I agree. “Overpowering” is not a word in any enthusiast’s vocab. I sit about 9′ away from a 55″ TV. It is not too big or overpowering. What is a living room for if not for entertainment. I actually feel bad for the current consumer. Unless they buy a cheap off-brand, they are having to drop a few grand and up just to get a display over 50″, which still isn’t as good as a calibrated CRT (until you get to the best plasmas).

    Frankly, I laugh when I see someone has spent $2k+ for an under 42″ display. I mean, it’s so small!

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