Daily Blog – Brian Florian – March 26, 2008: HAVE YOU BROKEN AN HDMI PORT?

We’ve known for a while how poorly designed the HDMI socket/connector is.  You have to be very conscious of alignment, and once in place even minor force on the cable, other than strait in or out, can break the port.

Now, apparently, its starting to have an effect:  I notice some manufacturers are now putting warnings either in the owner’s manual or often right ON the product, usually to the effect of “be very careful when inserting and/or removing HDMI cables…otherwise you may break the port and if you do it is most definitely not covered under warranty…”

I guess they’ve seen one too many broken HDMI ports…

3 Responses to “Daily Blog – Brian Florian – March 26, 2008: HAVE YOU BROKEN AN HDMI PORT?”

  1. ender21 Says:

    The sad thing is, it *should* be covered under warranty. If any breakable object were suddenly removed from warranty coverage, then what good would the warranty be? “We’ll only warranty that which is virtually indestructible!” isn’t a viable solution. True it’s not the CE manufacturer’s fault for a shoddy design, but if they don’t want to cover the product, then don’t produce it.

    And NO, I’ve never broken an HDMI port and have owned several HDMI products.

  2. ovation Says:

    But warranties are already variable and incomplete across a whole host of products–from small kitchen appliances to cars. So while it would be crappy for companies to NOT include them in the warranty, it certainly would not be anything unusual in the annals of warranty coverage (or lack thereof).

  3. Tyler Says:

    It’s unfortunate the manfs (not to mention us) were saddled with such a poorly implemented connector and cable design. Thank you MPAA (and the CEA for wussing out). If the world was right, we would all have HD-SDI connectors on our equipment.

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