Daily Blog – Brian Florian – April 16, 2008: NEW FIRMWARE FOR OPPO DV-983H.

In case you missed it last week, Oppo Digital posted the first post-launch firmware update for the exquisite 983 DVD player. It came to my attention only because on the weekend in the middle of two movies the audio started dropping out.  Turns out that was happening with certain AVRs when the 983 was in 1080p mode.  Fixed!

Also addressed is the much talked about bass management limitation with DVD-A material.  Comprehensive BM now works with multi-channel 96kHz DVDA material, though why people continue to cling to analogue multi-channel I/O is beyond me.

Regardless, bravo Oppo for staying on top of things.

3 Responses to “Daily Blog – Brian Florian – April 16, 2008: NEW FIRMWARE FOR OPPO DV-983H.”

  1. ovation Says:

    Perhaps some people would prefer NOT to have to update both their hi-res audio player AND receiver at the same time (primarily, I presume, for cost reasons). I “cling to” my analogue connections and they work just fine on my receiver with my player. I plan to keep it for quite a while longer (instead of upgrading the receiver, I can acquire more media to view/listen to with my current one). In fact, my move into “blu” waters will only happen when both the Sony S550 and Panny BD50 are out and can be compared–they are the only two players I know of that will decode everything internally AND have MCH analogue outputs.

    I understand the appeal of the new receivers out there but choices have to be made and if players come along with the ability to extend the usefulness of my current receiver, then that is the direction I will go (again, primarily owing to cost considerations).

  2. Brian Says:

    Totally respect that , but I just find it funny that from the very introduction of DVD-A it seemed everyone was crying out for a digital connection (including me)… and now that we have one, everyone seems to be reticent to actually upgrade to it. :)

  3. ovation Says:

    Perhaps if there weren’t so few titles available (though classical SACDs are keeping me happy, I would mind a broader selection and DVD-As are even scarcer in the genres I like), I’d be (along with others) more motivated to upgrading my gear. Well, I do plan a 2 channel system in about 2 years and I will likely move my current universal player to that system–in which case I’ll be sure to buy another one for MCH duties and have it include HDMI output (even if it won’t be used right away).

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