Daily Blog – Adrian Wittenberg – June 23, 2008: ONE SCREEN TO RULE THEM ALL

Whether streaming music or video from a bedroom media server or watching a Blu Ray disc on our expensive home theater system, we are seeing more and more of our entertainment being shifted to a centralized location in the home. 

It`s not just entertainment though.  In the future, we will see more products that give information about our homes integrated into the primary display.  Checking on energy usage or room temperature will all be at the touch of a button.  Right now, Panasonic is displaying their new plasma displays that integrate with their remote security cameras.  How would you like to check on a strange noise, or check on baby`s sleep by pulling up a picture in picture window while watching a movie.

You can expect everything from internet information, to all things home automation and security to start to appear as regular features on displays.  The amount of features available is also going to grow fast.


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