Daily Blog – Adrian Wittenberg – July 8 , 2008: BD-LIVE OR LET DIE.

With more major studios lining up to add BD-Live content to Blu Ray discs in the upcoming months there are some features that I am looking forward to and then there are some I’m not.

To establish some ground here, BD-Live is the feature that allows ethernet or wi-fi capable Blu-Ray Players (Sony Playstation 3 for example) to connect to the internet and obtain additional content not already loaded onto the disc.  Features such as downloadable trailers, library search, and live chatting are some of the ideas that studios have already announced.

I’m not really going to get excited about the live chatting feature.  I think it might be pleasant to discuss a movie after its finished and perhaps some interesting conversation can result involving interpretation or some other aspect of the film but my main concern is, will there be a way to filter out trashy , meaningless, or spam comments that are frequently seen on internet discussion.   Probably not.

I am, on the other hand, interested to see how the informational resource features pan out.  I’m all for guided recommendations for other movies based on my personal preferences.  They can potentially save me the time from watching movies I feel are disasters such as Sony Pictures “Are We Done Yet” for instance.

I think companies like Netflix or Blockbuster Online would be smart to get themselves involved in BD-Live so that if during watching a disc when a preview or trailer of a desired movie is watched, one could add it to their rental queue with a convenient push of a button.

Also, are the studios favoring BD Live going to give the consumer extras free as charge as a reward for purchasing the higher priced Blu-Ray discs or are they going to use BD-Live as a tool to generate more revenue by making the extras for sale only.  Probably the latter.  Personally, I’d like to see a lot more of these novelties such as theme song ringtones or other such goodies come free of charge as appreciation to the consumer.  A little goes a long way. 


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