Daily Blog – Adrian Wittenberg – July 15, 2008: TWO REASONS TO GO TO THE CINEPLEX

Like many, I don’t go to the cineplex that often.  High ticket prices, noisy attendees, and even the higher costs of driving to the theater have kept me happily enjoying my dvd and blu-ray collection at home instead.

Recently though, I have made a couple trips out to the theaters for the movies Hellboy II: The Golden Army and WALL-E .

In both cases, the experiences were well worth the high price of admission.  Okay, I probably should add that I saved money by not buying candy, popcorn, or drinks.

I have been a fan of the first Hellboy movie and I often find myself using it for home theater evaluation because its chock-full of mammoth action scenes that make good use of a surround sound system.  The second film in the series delivers even more visual and aural goodness with enormous battles that are a perfect blend of modern CG, live action, and exciting sound effects.  Fans of director Guillermo Del Toro’s visual style can also appreciate his use of unique character design that combines elements of both fantasy and science fiction genres.  Its somewhere between The Fifth Element and Lord of the Rings.  Needless to say, I will be eagerly anticipating the Blu-Ray release of this film. 

Anybody who is a home theater afficionado probably has a couple of Pixar titles in his library as the films highlight exceptional color depth and detail and are a great way to show off a modern HD display.  But, besides that, Pixar animations are just plain fun to watch and there is often a positive message behind the storylines.  Wall-E is entertaining because of all of the superb visuals and sound effects and also because the story is unique in that it is developed with a minimum of dialogue.  Its not too far off from the way a silent film spins a tale.  The way this story was told combined with its intense visuals made it one of the most entertaining movies I have seen recently.    

Ok, I admit it. This blog is just my recommendation to go out to the theaters and see either or both of these films while they are available at a cineplex that has good equipment.  Everything from the visuals and sound effects to the characters and storyline make them worth watching on a really large screen.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.     


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