Daily Blog – Adrian Wittenberg – August 26, 2008: BRIGHT BLU FUTURE.

While browsing through Blu-ray announcements lately, quite a few of them got me excited about the steam that BD has been picking up and the way the format is developing.

For instance, movie studios such as Pixar are starting to implement BD-Live and content will be seen on  WALL-E and more of Pixar’s upcoming releases.  Hellboy 2 is going to have an interesting use of BD-Live with a feature that allows download of screenshots to make a custom video comic book.  3-D films have been coming to the theaters and now companies like Phillips and others are working on bringing that same technology to Blu-ray players.  Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight when it is released will reportedly include the 2:4 IMAX aspect ratio which has added detail.  Finally, more and more newer BD releases are including the lossless HD audio tracks on the disc as well as getting quality video treatment.

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