Daily Blog – Adrian Wittenberg – May 27, 2008: HOME THEATER PC’S AND ON-LINE MUSIC SERVICES.

I recently devoted one of my computers for use as a home theater PC.  I have been enjoying playing PC games, watching videos from www.funnyordie.com, and listening to music from my mp3 collection.

The function that has made the project most worth it though, is using the PC to stream music from Rhapsody, an on-line music service, to my home theater system.   I have my sound ouput digitally through a Toslink connection from my PC to my Integra 9.8 processor, and the sound quality I get with their streaming music is very good.

Unlike other on-line music services where you have to pay to download a track, Rhapsody allows you to listen to tracks or albums from their entire music collection at any time for a monthly fee.  The other day, I was watching Legends of Jazz-Ramsey Lewis  on Blu-ray, and I saw a really good performance by Marcus Miller.  Interested by the performance I did a search for Marcus Miller using Rhapsody’s search engine, and within seconds I was listening to one of his newest albums.

Another feature that I like is the ability to research music by similar artists or influences.   The Rhapsody service is a great way to make use of a home theater PC by giving you high quality sound and access to an enormous music collection.

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