Daily Blog – Adrian Wittenberg – June 3, 2008: REALITY TV, ARE YOU FOR REAL?

While watching television the other night, I flipped the channel onto a program that seemed to be a reality show about an aspriing rock band touring across the country.  After a few minutes of watching the arguments gone wild, I decided that the dramatics were far too contrived and they must be using actors performing scripted events. 

I suppose this means that if a group of people don’t get in heated arguments and yell in each other’s faces than capturing their journey is not reality tv worthy even if it did happen to be about a good band that was pleasant to be around.  Imagine that.

I know that if I want to get my blood pumping, I’d rather go to the gym and hop on the treadmill for a half hour than watch a couple of strangers get into a screaming argument. I wonder what’s next. Maybe there will be a reality tv show that combines ultimate fighting and a group of people living together.  Wait a second, too late, I just saw a commercial for that kind of show at the dentist’s office today. 

I hope the networks put a little bit more thought into producing these reality tv shows.  Perhaps, if the networks are hellbent on focusing on conflict than they can show positive ways of resolving conflict as well.  Otherwise, it’s really a waste of time.

One Response to “Daily Blog – Adrian Wittenberg – June 3, 2008: REALITY TV, ARE YOU FOR REAL?”

  1. Brian Says:

    I have a saying: “There is nothing real about reality TV.”

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