Daily Blog – Adrian Wittenberg – June 10, 2008: DVD AND BLU-RAY EXTRAS CONTENT.

Movies that are released onto DVD or Blu-Ray disc often vary in the amout of extra features they give the consumer and I don’t like it when I have bought a DVD or Blu-Ray disc for my collection and the amount of extra features on the disc is sub par.  This is especially true when I buy a Blu Ray disc and I’ve spent near thirty dollars.  I’m really expecting the whole kit and caboodle here.

I feel the solution is that every DVD or Blu-Ray disc should always include a standardized minimum level of content and of course, there still would be the option for the producer to include even more. 

Blu-Ray is still in its early stages of consumer adoption but this would benefit its growth immensely by giving the consumer a high level of content they can always come to expect with every disc.

Personally, I would always like to see director and lead actor’s commentary, outtakes, conceptual design, an about the cast section where I can find out other movies the cast has been involved with as well as previews of movies they will soon be in, and finally a featurette about the on the set work that included footage about locations and behind the scenes material of the movie making journey, including the trials and tribulations.


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