Acurus is Back in Black

Indianapolis, IN — After a 10 year hiatus, Acurus returns to the market with its new A2000 series of 200 watt amplifiers available in 2 (A2002), 5 (A2005), and 7 (A2007) channel models with a stylish black anodized aluminum finish.  The updated models will be on display at CEDIA Expo 2011 in Indianapolis at the Indy Audio Labs booth (#4941).  Acurus continues to stand for USA-made high performance at high value.  All three new models contain updated versions of the same rock solid, fully discrete amplifier designs that made Acurus famous.

The A2000 series amplifiers were designed with the electronic systems contractor in mind.  Each model features an ethernet port that can connect to any off-the-shelf networking gear.  This enables the unit to be controlled and diagnosed remotely from a unique web page served up by the amp, accessible by any device with a web browser.  All models embrace energy efficiency with a very low standby power consumption of less than one watt.  Each unit also includes a serial port that is compatible with popular home control systems, along with an external trigger input for remote on/off operation. The A2000 series amplifiers have easy-to-read white back panels to ease installation in a dimly-lit rack system.  Acurus also offers an optional rackmount kit.

Along with the A2000 series amplifiers, Acurus will also show a pre-production version of the new Acurus Act 4 pre-amplifier/processor, available for order in Q1 2012.  The Act 4 will feature ethernet connectivity that directly controls and monitors other Acurus amplifiers in the system.

About Acurus

Acurus is a high-performance, high value brand of Indy Audio Labs, LLC.  Founded in 2008, Indy Audio Labs designs audio and video electronics for which ease of operation is surpassed only by performance and reliability.  Originally a brand founded by Mondial designs, Acurus has earned critical acclaim worldwide for innovative leadership in delivering performance and value-driven home entertainment electronics ever since the introduction of its classic A250 stereo amplifier in 1993.  Acurus products are designed and assembled in the USA.  Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Indy Audio Labs markets its unique products in the US and internationally.  To contact an Acurus representative, call 1-866-559-5113 or email  For further technical information, visit

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