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Runco Introduces Five New Performance LCD Displays

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Featuring three new screen sizes and the company’s exclusive OPAL image-enhancement technology, Runco broadens its line-up of flat panel video displays designed for unmatched image performance.

Beaverton, OR – October 29, 2009 – Runco®, the leading brand in luxury video solutions, announces the newest additions to its Crystal Portfolio series of LCD displays: the CX-42HD; CX-OPAL42; CX-55HD; CX-OPAL55 and CX-OPAL65. Pairing Runco’s sophisticated video processing and industry-leading OPAL (Optical Path ALignment) technology, Runco’s new LCD flat panel displays reproduce spectacular 1080p HD imagery for rooms of distinction. (more…)

Wisdom Audio Presents Paper on Highly Advanced Motor Design at 127th AES Convention

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

CARSON CITY, Nev., Oct. 27, 2009 Wisdom Audio (, the award-winning leader in planar magnetic technologies, is proud to announce that it has a patent pending on a highly advanced loudspeaker motor design that offers many advantages compared with traditional moving coil designs. Wisdom Audio also presented a paper (No. 7847) on October 9 during the recent 127th Audio Engineering Society (AES) convention in New York on this new motor design. (more…)

NuVo Technologies Promotes Two

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Chris Westfall named vice president, global sales; Desiree Webster named marketing manager.

Hebron, KY – October 21, 2009 NuVo Technologies, the value leader in whole home audio, has promoted two current employees to elevated positions of responsibility. The growing manufacturer named Chris Westfall, previously Vice President of Sales, USA, to head sales on a worldwide basis as Vice President, Global Sales. In addition, company veteran Desiree Webster was promoted to Marketing Manager. (more…)

Seneschal Gains SF Green Business Recognition

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

City Confers Green Status On Professional Services Firm

San Francisco – October 20, 2009 — Though “green” seems to be the latest gimmick for some, many companies are adopting sustainable practices not only for the common good, but also to make themselves more competitive. Today, Seneschal, a professional services organization serving media manufacturers and content creators worldwide, announced their formal recognition as a San Francisco Green Business by the City of San Francisco Department of the Environment. (more…)

Role Audio Adds “Green” Options for Its Speaker Line

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Role Audio introduces environmentally friendly “green” options for all its

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NORTH CAROLINA — Role Audio is offering environmentally and health friendly ,
formaldehyde free loudspeakers as options for its full line of eight critically acclaimed small loudspeakers. Over the long term, Role Audio will replace all standard loudspeakers with formaldehyde free eco-friendly loudspeakers.

Formaldehyde, which is used to manufacture most plywoods and medium density fiberboards (MDFs), is an allergen and a carcinogen. It is a volatile organic compound (VOC) which vaporizes under normal conditions into the environment. Formaldehyde residues are major components of smog and thus have a broad impact on health.

Because of its ubiquity, volatility, and toxicity, formaldehyde is a serious threat to human and environmental health. In finished lumber products – such as loudspeakers — formaldehyde, paints, and glues which are VOCs can release vapors (off-gas) into indoor air. This is a significant and growing concern for consumers who want healthy products in their homes and in their working and leisure environments.

Our “green” loudspeakers are manufactured from formaldehyde free plywoods, and from MDFs that use no urea or formaldehyde in the manufacturing process. They are assembled with non toxic glues, and finished water borne coatings that are certified by the Greenguard Environmental institute. The grills are manufactured from formaldehyde free MDF, non-toxic glues, and nylon fabrics.

Role Audio has always been green. The driving principle for Role Audio has always been to use the least amount of drivers, crossover parts, and materials coupled with the latest loudspeaker design technology to deliver big speaker performance from the smallest possible cabinet designs. We have always used non-toxic glues, non-toxic stains, and packaging made from recycled materials in our products. Small speakers require less energy, paints, finishes, and lumber to manufacture. They also require less energy and packaging materials to ship. Our dedication to manufacturing small, low-toxicity loudspeakers has established Role Audio as one of the greenest loudspeaker companies.

All things being equal, our standard small loudspeakers present significantly less risk of off-gas and a significantly smaller carbon foot print than larger loudspeakers. Nevertheless, with the increasing use of loudspeakers in nearfield and more intimate situations, and the broader problem of global environmental pollution, off-gassing has become a very important health and environmental issue. It is this issue that we seek to address in transitioning to manufacturing only formaldehyde free loudspeakers.

While the revolution in the miniaturization of high end electronics is proceeding at a rapid pace, progress in the
miniaturization of high end loudspeakers which will reduce the impact of loudspeaker manufacturing on the global environment lags behind. Role Audio has been at the forefront of the trend to deliver the best performance in the smallest possible loudspeaker designs. We believe our small potent loudspeakers when used by themselves or in combination with small subwoofers are compelling alternatives to many large loudspeakers. The transition to producing exclusively green loudspeakers is a formidable challenge, but once again we are at the forefront of a very important and vital change.

For additional information contact: Role Audio
P.O. Box 13396, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA 27709-3396
919-244-8777 fax 206-339-9034
A NSM Audio Company

NAD Introduces Audiophile-Quality Preamp-Tuner-Processor with Modular Design Construction

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Feature-Packed T 175 Pre-Pro Delivers New Modular Architecture,
Top Performance and Sophisticated, Installer-Friendly Advantages

SHARON, MA, Oct. 20, 2009 – NAD Electronics, highly regarded as a manufacturer of high-performance audio components, introduces its powerful T 175 Preamp-Tuner-Processor, designed for demanding audiophiles. The T 175 is a high-end, highly refined audio/video control center comparable to components three times its price. Packed with new features and technologies, it fully leverages NAD’s three decades of experience, delivering a breathtakingly advanced component. (more…)

Leon Speakers Releases Premium Axis Series of In-Ceiling Speakers to Complement Horizon™ and Profile™ Series

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Oct. 15, 2009 — Leon Speakers today introduced its new Axis Series of premium in-ceiling speakers. The Axis speakers are housed in fully sealed, acoustic suspension enclosures that maintain consistent high-quality sound performance regardless of the environment. This addition to Leon’s line of custom-built, audiophile-grade loudspeakers rounds out its offering for Living Space Theater™ and creates the possibility of seamlessly integrated 5.1 and 7.1 theater experiences in the modern home. (more…)

Livio Introduces Internet Radio for Listening to all NPR Stations

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

New Internet Radio  Makes it Easy to Listen to Everything NPR

The NPR Radio by Livio Makes All NPR Stations, Programs, Content and Podcasts Accessible to More People, in More Places

Washington, DC; October 19, 2009 — Bridging the gap between the online and broadcast worlds, the “NPR Radio” by Livio is the first internet radio with an exclusive menu dedicated to NPR stations and programs. With one device, NPR fans can now personalize their NPR experience, and easily switch back and forth between the local NPR Member station they know and love, and on-demand content and programs from and stations across the US.

The NPR Radio by Livio makes it possible for listeners to:

  • Access more than 1,000 NPR station streams, more than 800 podcasts and audio archives of NPR programs.
  • Quickly store and access their favorite NPR stations with a convenient “my NPR“ button on the front of the device.
  • Access a comprehensive list of more than 16,000 validated Internet radio stations from around the world through Reciva®, a global market leader in Internet radio technology, in addition the NPR stations and content.
  • In mere minutes, through a wireless of Ethernet connection, search by genre, location or keyword, and find NPR content and other world programming for free.

“Now public radio fans can easily discover more of what they love about NPR by easily exploring other NPR stations and content,” said Barbara Sopato, Director of Consumer Products for NPR.

The NPR Radio sells for $199.99 and is currently available in the United States at or Proceeds from the sale of the radio support NPR programming and NPR stations.

“There is such acclaim and prestige associated with the NPR brand,” said Greg Kim, Livio’s sales and marketing manager. “We are honored to be partnering with such a notable influence in American culture and are thrilled to help our customers share in the NPR experience.”

About Livio:
Founded in 2008, Livio LLC finds ways to make Internet audio streams accessible to more people, in more places. Dedicated to designing products that work fast without complicated menus, Livio developed the Livio Radio and the NPR Radio to let users listen to Pandora® and NPR in the home, respectively, without a Ph.D. in consumer electronics.

About NPR
NPR is an award-winning, multimedia news organization and an influential force in American life. In collaboration with more than 880 independent public radio stations nationwide, NPR strives to create a more informed public – one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures.

Media Contacts:
Danielle Deabler

Jenny Coleman
Max Borges Agency
305-576-1171 ext. 24

Xantech Releases new Software for Quick Installation of MRC88M Multi-channel Power Amplifier

Monday, October 19th, 2009



— When employed with Xantech’s MRC88m, QuickConfig provides installers a competitive edge by streamlining the programming process while offering comprehensive configuration and eliminating the need for software training or a separate PC in the installation process —

— The MRC88m offers control and distribution of eight sources to eight different zones, with the capacity to expand to up to sixteen zones —

SYLMAR, CA, October 16, 2009 — Xantech, a leader in the field of audio/video remote control and distribution for 40 years, continues its ongoing efforts to provide residential and commercial installers with state-of-the-art solutions as it offers its proprietary QuickConfig installation/configuration software for the Xantech MRC88m Eight Zone/Source Audio/Video Controller/Amplifier. The award-winning MRC88m allows the control and distribution of eight separate components to eight different zones, with the capacity to expand to up to sixteen zones of control and distribution. Significantly streamlining the installation process and completely eliminating the need for a PC, QuickConfig software is an invaluable time-saver for instal lers looking to configure multiple zones and sources throughout a residence, business, courtroom or other space.

“For installers, time is money, and Xantech respects the value of both for its customers,” comments Xantech’s Senior Product Manager Thu Le. “With other software, these sorts of programming scenarios could generally take 60 to 90 minutes, or even longer. But with QuickConfig, it becomes a fraction of that – maybe 20 to 30 minutes. What formerly took half a morning or afternoon is now down to half a lunch break. During the testing phase, one of our own staff was able to do an entire system in literally ten minutes. No one else has software that can configure this quickly.”

QuickConfig software lets installers do all programming of sources and zones directly via the MRC88m’s keypad or SPLCD Touchscreen. Sources can include Xantech audio/video components or those from other manufacturers. QuickConfig also easily configures sources that have metadata, so information such as song title, artist and genre is clearly displayed.

Unlike other installation/configuration software of this caliber, absolutely no separate PC is required, and the software itself requires no special training for the installer. It is extremely intuitive and straightforward, guiding the installer one-by-one through the system components and manufacturer codes, much like programming a universal remote control device. The software is also a great time-saver, requiring far less set-up and configuration time than other protocols, and no additional time needs to be spent mastering the software.

With QuickConfig, the MRC88m is usable out of the box, and with this efficient yet comprehensive programming, a far wider range of installers can confidently offer this type of product, therefore adding services for installers to offer their customers. Also, QuickConfig’s flexibility is unmatched and provides installers with more choices. For example, they can later opt to expand a system and program additional operations with a PC, which can be easily accomplished.

“QuickConfig is another example of Xantech’s ongoing innovative work in making custom audio/video installation technology more accessible and easier to specify and install,” notes Xantech Director of Marketing and Business Development Mark Cerasuolo.

The MRC88m is now available, with proprietary QuickConfig software included. For more information, please visit

About the Xantech MRC88m Eight Zone/Source Audio/Video Controller/Amplifier
The MRC88m Eight Zone/Source Audio/Video Controller/Amplifier allows the control and distribution of eight separate source components to eight different zones, with the capacity to expand to up to sixteen zones of control and distribution. The MRC88m expands upon the capabilities of previous models by adding up to seven lines of metadata when used with the SPLCD64V, SPLCD64G and SPLCD39G. This metadata can be obtained from Xantech’s new XIS100 iPod Docking station, XMUSIC, XDT and XT1 AM/FM Tuners, and/or iPort. Included are both scrollable menu-style and current track information modes, featuring track title, artist and album name. Xantech’s connected keypads make the MRC88m fully interactive for control of the XIS100, XMusic and iPort. Additionally, the 88m offers a processing circuit that contains larger memory for project storage . It also features significantly improved RS-232 control input support for such control applications, leading to better handling of multiple and/or long input commands. Also, it contains the next generation IR code library.


About Xantech Corporation
Established in 1969, Xantech Corporation ( designs and manufactures an extensive range of state of the art A/V Distribution and Control Systems, and Component Products, many of which have become the de facto industry standards. Since then, over two million of these systems have been installed worldwide. The Xantech product line includes LCD Touchpanel Controllers, Multi-Zone, Multi-Source Audio/Video Systems, Multi-Zone, Multi-Source Pre-amplifiers, Multi-Channel Audio Amplifiers, Infrared Receivers, Remote Control Switchers, Interface Modules, IR Connecting Blocks, IR Emitters, Volume Controls and IR Accessories. Products are sold to Professional Installers and Distributors directly from Xantech.

Xantech’s products are marketed in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. Xantech is a subsidiary of Nortek, Inc. (, a multinational manufacturer and distributor of building products for residential and commercial markets. Nortek, established in 1967, is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island.

For additional information about Xantech and its innovative products, please visit

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Xantech Corporation · 13100 Telfair Avenue, Second floor · Sylmar CA 91342-3573 · Phone: (818) 362 0353 · Toll Free: (888) 512 5972 · Fax: (800) 492 6832 · Email- General Info: · Sales Orders & RA Status:

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Xantech’s MRC88m

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Leon Speakers Announces Premium Axis In-Ceiling Models

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Leon Logo

Media Contact:
Veronica Esbona
Wall Street Communications
Tel: +1 (954) 392-6990


For Immediate Release

Leon Speakers Releases Premium Axis Series of In-Ceiling Speakers to Complement Horizon™ and Profile™ Series

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Oct. 15, 2009 — Leon Speakers today introduced its new Axis Series of premium in-ceiling speakers. The Axis speakers are housed in fully sealed, acoustic suspension enclosures that maintain consistent high-quality sound performance regardless of the environment. This addition to Leon’s line of custom-built, audiophile-grade loudspeakers rounds out its offering for Living Space Theater™ and creates the possibility of seamlessly integrated 5.1 and 7.1 theater experiences in the modern home.

“The Axis Series is the next step in our new direction as a provider of high-fidelity, immersive custom audio solutions for luxury Living Space and dedicated home theater,” said Noah Kaplan, president of Leon Speakers. “These speakers were designed to perfectly complement our line of Horizon™ and Profile™ series speakers for flat-panel displays and simplify the job of integrating theater quality sound in any room of the home without disturbing the overall design.”

Focused on the residential market, Leon has taken multiple measures in developing the Axis Series to eliminate sound from traveling into other rooms of a home. In addition to being housed in fully sealed acoustic enclosures, Axis speakers feature Leon’s A.R.C. (Acoustic Resonance Control) technology to eliminate unwanted standing waves for smooth, uniform frequency response. The end result is an unmatched audio experience for any environment in the home, from the kitchen to the living room.

Easily installed pre- or post-construction, the Axis in-ceiling speakers are available with pre-construction brackets and perforated metal grills that can be custom painted to match any décor. The Leon Axis speakers are available with 6-inch or 8-inch drivers and 1-inch cloth-dome pivoting tweeters that allow users to control the direction of the sound, thus maximizing the sonic clarity of the room.

The Axis in-ceiling speakers are available now at an MSRP of $395/ea for the Axis AX-61 and $495/ea for the Axis AX-81.

# # #

About the Leon Speaker Corporation
The Leon Speaker Corporation, established in 1995 in Ann Arbor, Mich., is a worldwide leader in high-performance, audiophile-grade on-wall loudspeakers. Leon Speakers pioneered the design, research and development, and refinement of high-fidelity on-wall loudspeakers. Today, this innovative company meticulously handcrafts a full range of elegant loudspeaker solutions, seeking to bring immersive home theater experiences into luxury living spaces.

Leon Speakers solutions are available exclusively at high-end audio/video retailers nationwide.

For more information, please call +1 (888) 213-5015 or visit

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