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126th AES Activities for Sonic Studio

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Company Set to Launch, Demo & Preview New Professional Solutions


München – May 8, 2009 — After a seven year hiatus, the audio community will converge on Munich’s M,O,C, Event Center for this year’s 126th Audio Engineering Society Convention. Sonic Studio, LLC will be there, launching new products, demonstrating current wares, and providing a glimpse at future technologies of note.

The company will stage the first public showing of several new items. A brief look at the convention highlights include:

  • a preview of the new, secureDDP™ application
  • the release of the new Amarra™ Computer Music Player
  • the release of the new version of Quartet DynPEQ™
  • the announcement of a new bundle for DSD production
  • on–site demonstrations of new & current products including the latest versions of PreMaster CD™ and soundBlade™


A significant new product will be previewed at the show, a software utility for audio engineers and record labels. secureDDP is an application for Mac OS that encrypts existing DDP file sets which can then be safely and securely delivered over public computer networks. secureDDP supports DDP file sets from SADiE, Eclipse, DCA and Merging, as well as from Sonic Studio’s own product lines. It features 128 bit encryption and fail–safe operation to ensure that encrypted DDPs arrive unaltered and uncracked. Mastering houses seeking electronic delivery of client approvals and replication masters now have a simple and secure mechanism. Also with secureDDP, record labels seeking to sell high resolution music on–line can now distribute entire albums in a trustworthy and bit–perfect form. secureDDP will be available through Sonic Studio’s eStore starting on June 15th.

Amarra, a turnkey system for easy computer playback of high resolution files, will be shown publicly for the first time since its release. The Amarra Computer Music Player combines the precision of the SSE (Sonic Studio Engine) with the power of Sonic Studio hardware and easy operation of iTunes. Amarra establishes a new paradigm for ultra–fidelity home entertainment. Sonic Studio will be demonstrating Amarra with their Model Four DAC, as well as with Swiss partner Weiss Engineering Ltd.’s FireWire Audio Interfaces.

During the convention, Sonic Studio will be exhibiting new updates to several products. Version 3.0.3 of PreMaster CD now offers DDP File Open, the option to load back and modify existing DDP file sets, at a new lower price. soundBlade 1.3.3 will also be on demo, with the eight channel capability included as standard. Demos of the upcoming version 2 of soundBlade will highlight its expanded multichannel capabilities. Also for soundBlade, version 1.1 of Wholegrain Digital System’s Quartet DynPEQ dynamic energy shaping plug–in will be available for evaluation.

With the addition of low cost, DSD–native recorders to the audio engineer’s toolkit, there has not been a professional and low cost solution to the problem of DSD to PCM conversion and distribution. In response to that need, Sonic Studio is now offering a new bundle. DSD Converter™, an option for PreMaster CD, is a bidirectional transcoder that converts both DSD and LPCM data. DSD Converter is now available as a package with PreMaster CD, saving hundreds while offering a simplified PCM workflow that preserves all the nuance of original DSD recordings.

To learn more about any of the items mentioned and to book a personal demo, visit stand 2013 in the M,O,C, from May 8th through the 10th, call them at 1-415-460-1201, or e–mail Sonic Studio.


About Sonic Studio

Sonic Studio, LLC is the premier manufacturer of ultra–fidelity PCM and DSD content creation and home entertainment systems. Sonic Studio’s Emmy award–winning NoNOISE II suite is the leading audio restoration toolset for archivists, record labels, videographers and forensic investigators while their product lines for Red and Scarlet Book premastering define the state of the art. Sonic Studio’s eleventh generation digital audio workstations and software are in use at major studios, record labels, broadcast and post production facilities worldwide. Based in Marin County, California, Sonic Studio has an international network of distributors and channel partners who share their commitment to quality and service.

secureDDP, Amarra, SSE, Sonic Studio Engine, DSD Converter, soundBlade, PreMaster CD, Sonic Console, Series 300, Model Four and and the Sonic Studio logo and type are trademarks of Sonic Studio, LLC in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.

Sonance Now Shipping Truly Invisible Speaker Series

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

San Clemente, CA—April 30, 2009—Sonance has long held the lead position in the architectural, in-wall and in-ceiling speaker marketplace. Now, the company that invented—and popularized—this category has announced the availability of their latest innovative variation—the Invisible Speaker Series. The flat-panel driver technology developed by Sonance is featured in three new models, two of which utilize improved planar technology. The Sonance Invisible Series speakers are entirely flat and vanish into the room design, delivering ambient music that emanates from the walls and ceilings.


“The Invisible Series products let our custom installation pros make the speakers truly disappear for the first time without compromising sound,” says Ari Supran, Chief Operating Officer. “The Sonance Invisible Series completely rewrites the rules and gives interior designers what they’ve been demanding for so long—preservation of the aesthetics of interior design—while freeing the audio system designer to choose speaker locations based purely on performance, rather than the visual demands of customers or designers.”


The new Sonance Invisible Series consists of three models that feature improved installability and upgraded performance. The SA3 and SA1.5 combine unique, variable-thickness planar flat-panel midrange/tweeters with conventional, round dynamic woofers.  The Invisible Series SAW is a subwoofer featuring conventional drivers. In all three models the surface of the finished unit is covered with a perfectly flat, acoustically transparent vellum overlay that can be painted with a water-based finish, wallpapered, or covered with textured wall coverings without significantly impeding performance, while leaving a single, continuous, unblemished surface.


The advantages of the Invisible Series extend beyond the visual. The underlying physics of planar transducers empower the Sonance SA3 and SA1.5 to radiate sound omnidirectionally, to achieve smooth, accurate, and remarkably broad and even coverage over nearly a full hemisphere (140°) up to an amazing 10kHz—performance that a conventional cone-and-dome driver cannot match. This delivers attractively spacious, lifelike sound and makes the Invisible Series a superb application for background or ambient music in a broad variety of rooms, including casual and transient spaces.


The flagship of the Invisible Series, the SA3 mates a 48-square-inch planar-diaphragm driver with an 8-inch conventional cone woofer to achieve impressively extended response from a completely concealable source. A second model, the Invisible Series SA1.5, pairs the same planar unit with a 6.5-inch woofer for similar performance with slightly less bass extension, while delivering a mounting profile that is reduced by one-half: 16×12 inches versus the SA3’s 16×24 inches. The SAW subwoofer has dimensions identical to the SA3’s, with dual 8-inch low-frequency drivers for even greater deep-bass extension and dynamic potential when deployed in “subwoofer” applications. The SAW subwoofer is optimized for use with Sonance’s Sonamp A800 subwoofer amplifier.


All three Invisible Series models require just 3-7/8 inches of depth and can be installed in any conventional 2×4-studded construction. All three incorporate new MDF baffle structures that ease installation while improving acoustical performance. All three also include integral, supplied metal back-boxes that ensure their specified low-frequency performance regardless of wall-structure details and dramatically reduce adjacent-room spillover. Additonally, Sonance offers inexpensive Space Savers—reusable, place-holding fixtures that handily and accurately fix installation locations during construction or renovation and quickly snap out for installation of the actual loudspeaker—in the two sizes conforming to the dimensions.


Availability: Now Shipping

Suggested Retail Pricing:

SA3         $1400.00/pair

SA1.5     $1000.00/pair

SAW Subwoofer     $1000.00/each


VMP Debuts PM-LP Universal Yokeless Low Profile Projector Mount

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

STEVENSVILLE, Md., April 28, 2009 Video Mount Products (, a leading provider of mounting solutions for the residential, commercial, CI, security, and pro audio/video markets, is proud to announce it will launch its new PM-LP Universal Yokeless Low Profile Projector Mount at InfoComm 2009, held in Orlando, Fla. from June 17-19 at the Orange County Convention Center, booth 2860.


“Whether in residential, commercial, professional, house of worship, or any other application, VMP’s line of projector mounts comes complete with everything needed for a quick and easy installation,” explained Keith Fulmer, president of VMP. “With this concept in mind, VMP’s new PM-LP Universal Yokeless Low Profile Projector Mount has been designed with a high-load capacity, rugged housing, low profile, tilt, full rotation, and telescoping capabilities, is compliant with most of today’s leading projectors, and is available in silver and black powder coat finishes.”


Additional PM-LP specifications include:

  • Low 2.625in. mounting profile (measurement includes the mounting feet)
  • Adjustable Tilt – ± 20 degrees
  • Adjustable Pitch – ± 15 degrees
  • Adjustable Yaw (Rotation) – 360 degrees
  • Fits Most Projectors with mounting holes inside 14.5in. diameter
  • Mast telescopes 23in. – 35in. from ceiling
  • Cable management through the center of the mast
  • Flush mount plate included
  • Mounting screws (projector to mount) included
  • Load capacity: 75 lbs.
  • Silver powder coat finish (PM-LPB the same except with black finish)
  • MSRP: $199.95

“Affordable and durable, the PM-LP is ideal for nearly every projector mount installation,” Fulmer concluded.

If you need help choosing the right mount for your application, try the Video Mount Finder
For more information, please visit or call (410) 643-6390.
About Video Mount Products

Born in 1994, Video Mount Products (VMP) is a leading provider of mounting solutions for the video, audio and security industries. VMP products consistently offer the latest designs in safety and flexibility, all at an outstanding value. VMP’s product offering continues to substantially grow by adding several mounting systems to address the increasing popularity of flat panel technology, both LCD and Plasma, as well as other growing segments across many markets.


VMP has become the mounting systems company of choice for professionals and their customers everywhere. All products have been engineered for and installed with confidence in thousands of residences, businesses, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, houses of worship and security applications throughout the world. VMP prides itself on providing the best products in the industry and by supporting those products with knowledgeable professionals who understand that “support” is the core of the business.


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Dynaudio North America Appointed as the Distributor for Octave Audio in the USA and Canada

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Below is the press release regarding Octave Audio tube electronics from Germany which are now being distributed by Dynaudio North America in the United States and Canada. Octave has been producing high-end tube electronics for over 20 years, and its integrated amplifier, power amplifier, and preamplifier models have earned a reputation for outstanding sound quality and incredible longevity – with a level of stability, reliability, and convenience of operation on par with that of the finest solid state designs.


Tubes are credited for the exceptional Octave sound quality, while semiconductor circuits help realize the tubes’ full audiophile potential while enabling Octave’s exceptional product durability. The company’s sophisticated control and protection circuitry, soft-start technology, accurate stabilization, and intelligent protection circuits ensure outstanding reliability, while biasing is made simple and easy – yet extremely accurate.  Every Octave amplifier is hand-built from the highest grade components, including transformers produced entirely in-house at the company headquarters in Germany.


Dynaudio will be exhibiting at the AK Fest 2009 (May 2-3, in Livonia, MI in suites 552 & 553), where the company will introduce Octave to the market.


Dynaudio North America is proud to announce that it has been appointed as the distributor for Octave Audio for the USA and Canada. Octave Audio, based in Karslbad-Ittersbach Germany, has been producing high-end tube electronics for over 20 years. Today Octave offers a wide range of tube-based amplification products ranging from the attractively priced V40SE integrated amplifier up to its state-of-the-art Jubilee preamp and mono block amplifiers. Engineered and built in Germany, Octave models incorporate unique monitoring and protection systems and an innovative combination of sophisticated tube and elegant semiconductor circuitry.

 Octave integrated and power amplifiers feature an extremely accurate bias control calibration system that anyone can use to precisely bias the tubes. In contrast to simple Class A power amplifiers, Octave amplifiers operate in Class A/B, which demands precise setup and control of the bias current. The sophisticated built-in bias calibration system simplifies this adjustment, which is crucial to sound quality. As the bias adjusters on Octave’s amplifiers are outside the case and complimented by front panel display indicators, anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge, can easily adjust the bias of the individual tubes to an extremely high level of precision – within 0.3% accuracy – without any special tools or measuring equipment necessary.

Octave (integrated and power) amplifiers also feature power management with soft-start control, which extends component and tube life by smoothly ramping up the tube heaters and operating voltage from switch-on. Thus, the power supply components never have to deal with the usual huge inrush of switch-on current. This extends component life considerably, ensuring that every Octave amplifier performs at peak performance for a very long time.  They also feature an advanced electronic protection system that continually monitors the output level of the tubes.  Should the output be short-circuited or overloaded, the protection system acts immediately to electronically isolate the power supply and protect the components. Combined, the power management and protection systems provide optimum all-around protection, which will even safeguard against abuse. The systems protect the amplifiers from damage through incorrect usage or tube faults, making Octave amongst the very few tube amplifiers that are as easy to operate as top quality transistor designs.

In addition to offering protection against faults, the aforementioned systems also extend tube life expectancy to 3-5 years for the power tubes and 5 -8 years for the driver tubes. Octave integrated and power amplifiers have also been engineered to offer excellent load stability, optimizing their output transformers for 4 ohm loads, thus making the amplifiers perfectly at home driving any loudspeaker, including “real” 8 ohm models.

Octave preamplifiers feature electronic stabilization of the power supply, which serves to ensure a high stability of the sound as well as the bias setting during mains variations, while also yielding improved bass performance and a greater overall effortlessness of the reproduced sound.

The Octave lineup features 3 integrated amplifiers, the V40SE ($4,900), V70 ($6,600) and V80 ($9,800 line/$10,500 with either MM or MC phono stage) , the HP 300 mk II ($5,500 line/$6,800 with MC Phono Stage) and HP  500SE ($10,000 line/ $11,500 with MM/MC phono stage) preamps, the RE 280 mk II ($8,000) stereo and MRE 130 ($16,000 per pair) mono block power amps, as well as the Jubilee Preamp ($35,000) and Jubilee Monoblock ($67,500 per pair) amplifiers. Octave also offers the optional  Black Box ($1,200) and Super Black Box ($3,500) power  supply capacitance upgrade modules. A stand-alone phono module is forthcoming as well. The Octave website can be accessed at, with the English section slated to be updated shortly.
Visit for more information.




SI’s Reference Motorized Projection Screen Now Shipping

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Austin, Texas, April 27, 2009 – SI ( is proud to announce that its new low voltage Reference Motorized projection screen series is now shipping.

“Our new Reference Motorized Series sets the standard for high-end electric projector screens,” explained Tim Freemyer, SI product development manager. “This elegant new design includes all the amenities along with the convenience of a low voltage system. Reference motorized encompasses the most cutting edge electronics and controls as standard features making it the leading screen solution for home theater, commercial, and family room applications.”

Another Reference Motorized Series benefit is a flush mount chassis. Up until now, the industry standard from other manufacturers has been selling a separate chassis to put the box in, which is both costly and impractical. With SI’s new Reference Motorized Series, the customer/installer can either add flush mount plates at the bottom or add the sexy décor plate. Either way, pricing remains the same while eliminating the need for an extra box.

“In addition, the Reference Motorized low voltage controls are external, giving installers the ultimate flexibility when installing high-end custom jobs,” Freemyer continued. “The controls can reside in the installation cabinet or equipment rack, making integration a breeze. Only 16 gauge 2 conductor wire is needed to run the screen. No power is needed at the screen location!”

Additional Reference Motorized Screen highlights include:
• “Super Flat” Rigid Screen Tensioning System
• Flush in-ceiling, external, or on-ceiling mountable
• Screen Sizes – 16:9 / 16:10 – 80”, 92”, 100”, 106”, 110”, 119”, 133”, 160”
• Screen Sizes – 2.40:1 / 2.35:1 – 80”, 92”, 100”, 106”, 110”, 119”, 133”, 160”
• Screen Sizes – 4:3 – 77”, 84”, 90”, 96”, 100”, 110”, 120”, 133”
• Lunar HD .85 Gray
• Gamma HD 1.1 White
• Solar HD 1.3 White
• Gamma Maestro HD 1.1 White Weave
• Lunar Maestro HD .85 Gray Weave
• 24” of black screen drop, up to 6-foot custom available
• Simple installation with universal brackets
• IR Receiver & Remote (optional)
• RF Receiver & Remote (optional)
• RS232 & Cable (optional)
• Multi Control Buss (optional)
• 25-foot Data Cable & Coupler (optional)
• Low Voltage Control (optional)
• Decor Wall Plate & Hardware (optional)
• Flush Chassis or Decor Case (optional)
• “Easy set” upper and lower limit adjustments
• Lifetime replacement policy


Additional on-line product features and tutorials can be viewed at the siscreens website.

For more information on the Reference Motorized Screen Series and SI Screens, visit the web at or call 512-832-6939.

About SI
SI is a technology based U.S. projector screen manufacturer focused on delivering “state-of-the-art” performance. Each motorized, fixed, and curved projector screen we produce meets exceedingly tight tolerances and delivers all the stunning HD visuals we require.

Our mission is to develop the most advanced projector screens that effectively address evolving consumer demands for performance, value, and visual appeal-each strategically aligned with today’s demanding high definition HD projector screen trends.

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Centronics Introduces Elite HD-Branded DHCT5 2×1 Cat5E to HDMI Converter

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

STEVENSVILLE, Md. April 22, 2009 — Centronics, Inc. (, a leading distributor of audio, video, and accessory products for the residential, commercial, and security markets since 1959, is proud to announce the launch of the Elite HD-branded DHCT5 2×1 Cat5E to HDMI converter. The new DHCT5 is now available with an MSRP of $299.99.


“The DHCT5 automatically switches between the devices via simplex switching technology,” explained Tony Pelura, Centronics general manager. “It allows the conversion of two HDMI devices to be run over a single Cat5e cable, so it not only solves the problem of having only a single Cat5e wire, but it works as a switcher, as well.”


The DHCT5 extends 1080i/720p up to 200 ft. and 1080p/1920 x 1200 up to 100 ft., is HDMI 1.3 and HDCP compliant, and compensates for cable skew.


“Centonics has been an industry leader for 50 years for a reason,” concluded Pelura. “The DHCT5 is yet another way Centronics continues to provide its customers with the most up-to-date and useful tools for their installations.”


EHD is a line of HD products branded by Centronics, Inc. Pricing and specifications subject to change without notice.


For more information, please visit, call (800) 638-0741, or visit to see the complete line.

About Centronics

For 50 years, Centronics has been a leader in the distribution of A/V, DBS, off-air, high definition, home theater speakers and accessories, and satellite and antenna products. As the industry has changed, Centronics has met those changes head on. What will never change is our commitment to provide quality products at reasonable prices. Centronics stocks products such as TV mounts by Video Mount Products, satellite distribution equipment by SPAUN, antennas and off-air accessories by Winegard and AntennaCraft, home theater equipment…from HD cables to speakers…by CWI, Speco Technologies, and Universal Remote Control.

At Centronics, our knowledgeable sales staff and customer service is second-to-none. Our technical expertise is the best in the business. And with thousands of parts in stock, our customers can be sure we have what they are looking for. With Centronics, every customer can feel confident that we are not just their distributor, but their A/V partner, as well.

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Atlantic Technology Surround Speaker Ideal for New Height Channel Applications

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Atlantic Technology has introduced a new dipole/bipole selectable surround speaker designed specifically with height-speaker channel applications in mind. The new Atlantic Technology 1400 SR-z’s compact size and shallow profile allow it to be mounted high on the wall above the system’s front speakers, making it ideal for use in home theater systems employing the new Dolby ProLogic IIz sound format, which calls for a pair of ‘surround’ channels to provide sound effects and ambience over the listener’s head.

Dolby Pro Logic IIz adds a new dimension of sonic information to movies, games, and music through the addition of a pair of ‘height channel’ speakers mounted above the front LR speakers. These new channels process the non-directional sonic information already present in audio content, generating a more spacious and enveloping surround soundfield than was previously possible from any stereo or multichannel source material.

“We’re really enthusiastic about Dolby ProLogic IIz,” comments Atlantic Technology President Peter Tribeman, “which finally brings home theater sound into the third dimension. And like the left and right surround channels, these new height speakers are at their most effective when generating the highly diffuse and non-localized soundfield that multi-directional surrounds are so adept at The 1400 SR-z speakers deliver that, and in a package that is easy to mount, compact, and low-profile to miminize their visual impact while maximizing their sonic impact.”

The 1400 SR-z is part of the Atlantic Technology System 1400 family of products, but its ‘voicing’ and timbre are also very well-matched to  any of the company’s many other theater systems. This means it can be used with any Atlantic system without encountering soundfield discontinuity effects that can corrupt the three-dimensional soundfield.  In addition to height-channel applications, the speaker is quite adept in either the side or rear surround channel positions, and is selectable to either dipole or bipole operation to optimize the surround experience depending on install position and the theater space.

The Atlantic Technology 1400 SR-z uses a pair full-range polymer-treated cone drivers to deliver an enveloping and convincing surround soundfield. The 3-1/2-inch drivers used for these speakers use Atlantic’s High Frequency Assistive Radiator (HFAR) technology, which greatly expands the range of the drivers while still allowing for a remarkably small enclosure and seamless ‘crossoverless’ sound.

The Atlantic Technology 1400 SR-z is finished in attractive satin black finish. It will be available in the second half of May, and has a suggested retail price of $425/pr.

From its inception, Atlantic Technology’s mission has been to produce home entertainment products that exemplify the very best in both performance and value. The company specializes in complete high-performance multi-channel speaker systems, state-of-the-art home theater electronics components, and products for custom audio/video installation.

Atlantic Technology speaker systems are designed and engineered as integrated multi-channel ensembles, and hand assembled at the company’s Norwood, MA facility. These systems are tailored and tuned to provide a seamless and startlingly realistic soundstage for multi-channel music and home theater.

For more information on Atlantic Technology and its many fine products for home theater and custom audio/video installation, visit or call 781-762-6300.

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Bowers & Wilkins Award-Winning Audio Extends to 2010 Jaguars

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

At the Detroit Auto Show in January, Jaguar unveiled the 2010 XKR and XFR automobiles and announced that the exclusive award-winning Bowers & Wilkins premium audio system would be available as standard equipment. The ongoing partnership of the two British icons yields a benchmark audio system that has set the standard for both sonic excellence and operational elegance—a perfect reflection of the Jaguar tradition.

The Bowers & Wilkins automotive development team continues to build its program upon the same rigorous component specification and selection that the company has utilized for its long lineage of unexcelled home audio and home theater audio systems. Turning this expertise to the unique challenges of in-car system engineering and tuning ensures a consistent, and compelling musically engrossing entertainment experience for the driver and passengers alike.

The Jaguar audio systems features core Bowers & Wilkins elements, in particular its hallmark Kevlar® midrange loudspeaker units, and famed low-distortion, high-performance aluminum tweeters. The Kevlar speaker diaphragms for the Jaguar systems were specially refined to preserve the trademark Bowers & Wilkins musical purity and detail, bringing listeners as close to the music as they might be a live performance—even in the challenging mobile environment.  Unlike more conventional speaker designs, dispersion of accurate musical balance is much more uniform, bringing convincing sound to all the passengers.  Aluminum tweeter domes were chosen because of their natural, distortion-free performance even under enormous dynamic demands giving the listener a more detailed and revealing listening experience regardless of moving speed and overall volume setting.

 The XFR and XKR are two cars that are true to Jaguar’s legendary heritage performance, delivering a superb balance of automotive high performance, dynamic response and refinement. Both vehicles feature the all-new AJ-V8 Gen III direct-injection engines which promises to deliver more power and more performance with no loss in fuel efficiencies and a decrease in emissions.

Bowers & Wilkins experience and know-how has been applied all models of both vehicle ranges to ensure premium sound quality; standard in the XFR, XK Portfolio and XKR and available in the XF, XF Portfolio and XK.

The Bowers & Wilkins in-car audio system in the Jaguar XF has been voted Best Buy under £100,000 by What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision Ultimate Guide to High End Entertainment.  Check out the Exclusive Review

About Bowers & Wilkins 

Bowers & Wilkins is the world’s leading exporter of loudspeakers with a reputation for sound reproduction spanning over 40 years.  The company and culture formed by John Bowers remains dedicated to the pursuit of ‘true sound’—nothing added, nothing taken away.  As a testament to the results of its effort, B&W speakers serve as the audio reference in leading recording studios around the world, including London’s Abbey Road Studios.  Bowers & Wilkins products are available from over 3,000 retailers in 62 countries around the world. In 2005 the company received the Queen’s Award for Innovation. 

X-men Origins: Wolverine leaked to internet weeks before the scheduled release

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009


Here is one from the “Alternative Movie Delivery Service” files….. April 1, a great day for a prank, saw one of the most anticipated movie releases of this year being leaked to the internet. Granted it is a ‘pre-release’ version with apparently unfinished scenes and possible alternative cuts. The quality however is reportedly DVD like. So what does this mean for us? Well it is the movie industry’s own paranoia that has brought us such wonderful advancements as HDCP “High Definition Copy Protection” otherwise known as “Handshake Doesn’t Come Painlessly” and other Orwellian limits on how we use the medium. You can bet there are Copy Protectionists hoping the release will bomb in the theaters so they will have reason to blame the evil known as downloading.

Will this pre-pre-release really have any effect on the box-office ticket sales? In my opinion, doubtful. This is not the first time this has happened, remember Ang Lee’s Hulk? Even though it was leaked early it still managed to hit 61million dollars in the opening weekend. Sure it did not fare too well after that, can you really blame the pre-release? The fact that it still did fairly well on the opening weekend gives more weight to the notion that the movie-going demographic is not interested in watching pre-releases. And do not forget Revenge of the Sith – also leaked, and it made over $100 million the first weekend!

Frankly if 20th Century Fox were smart they would use this to their advantage. Use this leak to drum up interest and at the same time highlight the fact that this is not the final copy. If you think about it, this should only help the movie, as it is more publicity. Instead it will just serve to be more cannon fodder for the paranoid captains of this ship. Come to think of it, maybe they did do this on purpose, killing two birds…so-to-speak.

Jared Rachwalski

Platinum Tools® Announces All-In-One Modular Plug Crimp Tool

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

MOORPARK, Calif., April 21, 2009Platinum Tools (, the leader in solutions for the preparation, installation and hand termination of wire and cable, is proud to introduce the All-In-One Modular Plug Crimp Tool (P/N: 12503). Now shipping with an MSRP $29.95, the All-In-One is designed for a broad range of telecom and network, security, residential structured wiring, whole house and custom install A/V, and professional and commercial A/V applications. The tool combines a rugged design with the convenience of terminating all popular plug configurations used in voice, data, and A/V installations.


“The All-In-One tool is a necessity for voice, data, and A/V installers,” explained Lee Sachs, Platinum Tools, Inc. president and general manager. “This comprehensive, precision tool not only terminates a wide range of plugs and strips a broad range of cables, it replaces up to five other tools. The All-InOne cuts costs and eliminates the annoyance of never having the right tool for the task.”


Steel framed with PVC handles and rust resistant black oxide finish, the lightweight (12oz.) All-In-One terminates RJ45, RJ11/12, and RJ22 (handset) plugs to solid or stranded cable from most manufacturers, including: RJ 45 – Cat 3/5/5e/6 (8p8c); keyed and non-keyed; RJ12 – 6p6c; RJ11 – 6p4c/6p2c; and RJ22 (handset) – 4p4c/4p2c.


“Three separate crimp cavities (4, 6, and 8 position) are designed to provide precise, repeatable, and reliable terminations,” added Sachs. “The All-In-One’s ratcheting mechanism guarantees optimal pressure is applied so the contacts are seated to the correct depth and its vertical action assures all contacts are seated to the same depth providing an FCC compliant termination. In addition, replaceable cutting blades (P/N: 12503BL-C) allow the user to strip round (Cat 3-6) and flat (silver satin) cables. This is a must have for the discerning installer and technician.”

For more information on the All-In-One and Platinum Tools’ complete product line, please visit, call (800) 749-5783, or email


About Platinum Tools

Platinum Tools, founded in 1997, was created based upon two very simple objectives. First, develop the absolute best possible solutions for the preparation, installation, and hand termination of wire and cable. Second, implement an operational infrastructure that can deliver these products in an efficient, timely, and high quality manner.


All of our products must absolutely satisfy three critical benchmark criteria…utility of function; quality of function; and economic value. Our people are our company. They, too, must be focused on and work to satisfy three critical benchmark criteria…customer satisfaction; product knowledge and expertise; and willingness to learn and adapt.


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