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Qsonix Supports Dealers With Ultra-Premium MusicGiants™ Rolling Stones Opportunity

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Qsonix Supports Dealers With Ultra-Premium MusicGiants™ Rolling Stones Opportunity For Complete “Satisfaction”
And to “Shine A Light” on the just released soundtrack and movie

Westlake Village, CA (April 23, 2008) Qsonix, creator of the most user-friendly, quality digital music management and storage system has teamed up with MusicGiants, the leader in high-definition entertainment, to support dealers through the most robust collection of Rolling Stones content to date. For a limited time, this unbelievable package – which comes immediately on the heels of the just-released epic stones documentary “Shine A Light” – will be available exclusively to Qsonix dealers and cus???ers looking for complete “satisfaction” from the Stones. (more…)


Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Contact: Caster Communications, Inc. at 401.792.7080


The international leader in speaker design reinvents its classic, best-value subwoofer with design enhancements and added features not found in any
other budget subwoofer

Toronto, Canada – April 23, 2008 – The best performance and value offering in the budget subwoofer market just got even better. Working under the principle of “tweaking for perfection,” Paradigm introduces its fourth generation of PDR subwoofers with design enhancements and added features that deliver the superb definition and deep bass impact for which this lineup has long been known—as well as subtle improvements to the models’ external appearance. (more…)

Daily Blog- Brian Florian- April 23, 2008: LET THE SUN SHINE IN.

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Most people who’ve never been to Canada, and even some who have, think we live in a perpetual ice age.  News flash: with the exception of a minority of the population who live along the same line as Alaska, we do have lovely summers and in my neck of the woods (Atlantic region) its not uncommon to hit 40 degrees C in July.

Having said that though, this past winter was a killer.  Snow accumulation in some areas of the province was well above 10 feet.

But its been thawing hard for a few weeks and last weekend we finally got the mountain bikes out for a spin.

I love my movies but this is one time of year that the absolute videophile in me takes a back seat.  Its just too darn nice out to sit in a pitch black room for hours on end.  Not that I’m giving up movies for the summer or anything, but after a bad case of cabin fever which felt like its been in full force since January, I’m prepared to leave the blinds open just a hair to let some natural light in, and leave the window open for some fresh air, even if that means my perceived picture contrast is down a couple notches and I have to put up with hearing the occasional shout from kids in the neighborhood.

Of course, come July I’ll be singing a different tune:  Being in the half-basement, our theater is the coolest place in the house and watching a movie becomes something of a welcome refuge when the heat wave (usually sent our way by the good peoples of Chicago and Toronto) comes in.

Mary Cardas Wires Up With Ultralink/XLO

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008


Ontario, California – April 22nd, 2008 – Ultralink/XLO, a manufacturer of premium audio/video cables and AC power products, signals its rapid growth by selecting Mary Cardas as General Manager for U.S. operations in Ontario, CA. (more…)

Onkyo Ratchets up Features on New TX-SR606 Receiver

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Additional photogaphs and 300dpi JPEG images available in the Onkyo online press room

UPPER SADDLE RIVER, NJ (4/21/08) — Onkyo has upgraded the features set of its most popular HDMI-1.3a-capable home theater receiver by adding 1080i video upscaling, two additional HDMI inputs to handle a total of four HDMI sources, Audyssey’s new Dynamic EQ loudness compensation technology, and Onkyo’s new Music Optimizer circuit. The new Onkyo TX-SR606 replaces the company’s best selling TX-SR605. (more…)


Monday, April 21st, 2008

I tried to watch a new Blu-ray release on my Sony BDP-S1 player last night.

No sale. It froze at the beginning of the movie.

So, I checked the Sony website, and sure enough, there was an update for the current copyright protection file.

It looks like this sort of thing will be the routine for Blu-ray players, so for those of you who are not familiar with the process, here it is:

(1) Download the update from the player manufacturer. It may be what’s called an ISO file, which is basically something that has to be burned onto a CD or DVD. In my case, it is DVD. You may have to execute the download so that it can extract all the files into a directory. I just use the same directory where I downloaded the file from Sony. Once it is extracted, you will see a file labeled *.iso.

(2) You will need an ISO burner. The one I used is called Magic ISO, which can be found at

(3) Open your ISO burner. For Magic ISO, the menu looks like this:


(4) Go to File, Open, and click on the *.iso file you have extracted.

(5) You will then see the main file listed in the top left box, with the other files listed in the top right box.

(6) Put a DVD in your DVD burner (or CD if that is what is required).

(7) Click on the disc icon that is just underneath the word “About” at the top of the screen. That will open the Burn CD/DVD! menu shown in the screen shot.

(8) In the CD/DVD Image File menu, go to the ISO file and click on it to place it in that menu line.

(9) In the CD/DVD Writing Speed menu, choose a writing speed appropriate for your burner.

(10) Click the Burn it! button.

(11) When the disc is finished writing, follow the instructions for your particular player. For the BDP-S1, I place the DVD in the tray, close it, and the update is automatic. It takes about 15 minutes.

Feel free to post the procedure for your own player if it is different than this one, in the comment section at the bottom of this blog.

Daily Blog – John E. Johnson, Jr. – April 18, 2008: HOW DO MOVIE STARS MAINTAIN AN IDENTITY?

Friday, April 18th, 2008

We all know that many stars don’t use their real names.

Charlton Heston was actually John Carter.

John Wayne was born Marion Morrison (I can understand why he changed it!)

Cary Grant was originally Archibald Leach (another no-brainer).

My question is how they maintain the concept of self, when they were born with one name, see another name in the phone book, and the character they play in a movie is a third name.

So, John Carter, known as Charlton Heston in life, known as Moses on the set.

Marion Morrison, known as John Wayne in life, known as Tom Doniphon on the set (The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, 1962).

It would be interesting to know how many actors see psychiatrists because they don’t know who the &*%$ they really are.

Niles Executives to Hold Town Hall Meeting at “Ticket to Success 3”

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Niles’ President, Frank Sterns, and Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Mike “Sparky” Detmer, to host open forum to share ideas with dealers

MIAMI, FLORIDA – April 17, 2008 – Niles Audio Corporation, The First Name in Cus??? Installation®, has announced that company will hold a Niles Town Hall Meeting hosted by Frank Sterns, president of Niles, and Mike “Sparky” Detmer, vice president of sales and marketing for Niles, Wednesday, April 23rd in Newark, N.J. Offering dealers the opportunity to obtain and provide feedback to Niles’ industry leaders, the Niles Town Hall Meeting, scheduled from 2:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m., is a featured event at Audio Associates’ “Ticket to Success 3”. “Ticket to Success 3” is a two-day expo held April 23rd-24th at the Holiday Inn located at 160 Frontage Road in Newark and features the industry’s finest audio and video products. In addition to the open forum, Niles will also hold training seminars for the highly acclaimed iC2 Home Theater Au???ation and Control System and ZR-4 MultiZone Receiver Kit on both days of the expo. (more…)

Daily Blog – Ross Jones – April 17, 2008: CAN WE HAVE SOME DYNAMICS, PLEASE?

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

I was listening to the mix-down of a recording session I played in recently. The production was top-notch, but THE MUSIC ALL SOUNDED LIKE THIS!

It was compressed and maximized so that every last ounce of dynamic range was squeezed out of the performances. Of course, this wasn’t by accident, but a desired result. Most popular music is designed to jump out of your radio or CD; as a result it is compressed so that everything sounds really loud.

The bizarre part is that no live music is performed in this fashion. Even rock and roll played in stadiums has its loud and soft parts, although less pronounced than in jazz or classical performances. But the audience recognizes dynamic range is as much a part of the music as hitting the right notes; it conveys emotion, depth, and context to the piece. Singers and musicians intuitively know when to lay back or when to let it rip.

So why does the music industry assume that recorded music has to scream at you constantly in order to get your attention?

Daily Blog – Brian Florian – April 16, 2008: NEW FIRMWARE FOR OPPO DV-983H.

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

In case you missed it last week, Oppo Digital posted the first post-launch firmware update for the exquisite 983 DVD player. It came to my attention only because on the weekend in the middle of two movies the audio started dropping out.  Turns out that was happening with certain AVRs when the 983 was in 1080p mode.  Fixed!

Also addressed is the much talked about bass management limitation with DVD-A material.  Comprehensive BM now works with multi-channel 96kHz DVDA material, though why people continue to cling to analogue multi-channel I/O is beyond me.

Regardless, bravo Oppo for staying on top of things.

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