Parasound Halo P 5 Preamplifier Review


Setup of the Parasound Halo P 5 Preamplifier

The features offered and options available on the P 5 are what really blow me away. Frankly I didn’t know where to begin, but the first connection was to my PC and Windows for High resolution files via the USB connection.

I use both a Marantz and an OPPO for disk playback. Although I almost exclusively use the Marantz to feed the preamp analog inputs, I had played with sending the raw digital signal to the P 5 via the optical connection to hear the P 5 handle the D/A conversion. Additionally I auditioned a Bluetooth player in the massfidelity Relay where I’m able to send the P 5 both an analog or digital signal. Options, options..

A Marantz turntable provides my vinyl listening.

Although I do not use separate subwoofers in my two-channel system, currently hooked up are the GoldenEar Triton 3’s which have powered subs built-in. To their credit, GoldenEar does give you a line level input if you want to bypass the rear gain control for the subwoofer, therefore I’m able to use the P 5’s bass management feature directly. This would also be a great way to connect say a pair of stand mounted monitors and separate subs for each channel. The P-5 does offer a balanced subwoofer output as well.

The Parasound A21 is my amplifier of choice and all cables including power, interconnects and speakers are from Clarus.

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