Marantz AV7701 7.2 A/V Preamp/Processor


Introduction to the Marantz AV7701

The preamp and processor market for the home theater used to be more vibrant than it is now. There were a larger variety of products to pick from, and more from boutique manufacturers as well. The shift to HDMI for everything has led to a reduction here, as the issues that come about from using HDMI make it harder to make a new processor from scratch. With this limitation, it makes the market for these unfortunately ripe for vendors to charge a premium due to the smaller number of options available.

Thankfully Marantz came out with their AV7005 processor a few years ago, which contains almost all of the high-end processing and features that people wanted, but at a lower price-point than almost any processor out there. Now Marantz has some back with the AV7701, a replacement for the AV7005 that brings it up to date with the modern streaming functions of current receivers and processors, and adds a few nice other touches as well while keeping that aggressive price-point. Has this update let Marantz keep this little niche to themselves again? I swapped the AV7701 in for my AV7005 to see if I could tell a difference between the two.


  • Design: 7.2 A/V Preamp/Processor
  • Codecs: All, Including Audyssey MultEQXT, DSX, Dynamic EQ, Dynamic Volume
  • DACs: 24/192
  • DSP: Analog Devices ADSP21487
  • Video Connections: HDMI 1.4a (6 Rear In, 1 Front In, 3 Out), Component (3 In, 1 Out), Composite (4 In, 2 Out), No S-Video
  • Audio Connections: RCA Stereo (6 In, 1 Out), Optical (2 In, Coaxial Digital (2 In, 7.1 Multi-channel (1 In, 1 Unbalanced Pre-out, 1 Balanced Pre-out), USB (1 Front)
  • Other Connections: Ethernet (Internet Radio, DLNA, Streaming and Firmware), 12V triggers (2), RS-232, IR (1 In), 2nd Zone (HDMI, Composite Video, Component Video, Stereo Audio), 3rd Zone (Stereo Audio), Headphone Jack (6.3mm), AirPlay
  • Dimensions: 7.4" H x 17.3" W x 16" D
  • Weight: 21.6 Pounds
  • MSRP: $1,699 USD
  • Marantz
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