Parasound Halo P7 Preamplifier


Remote Control

The remote is also pleasingly simple. The remote is made of plastic but some thought has gone into its ergonomics. There is a curvature to the back that helps it fit into your hand and the buttons all seem to be where they should be. One thing about that curvature, if your coffee table is crammed full of books and CD's and there's barely any room to put the remote down on the edge, it will likely fall off. Not that my coffee table is like that. A key button on the remote is the 'Tone Bypass' button, more on that below.

Parasound Halo P7 Preamplifier

Oh – a little side note about the remote if you happen to own Cambridge gear – the input select button on the Parasound remote caused my Cambridge DVD player to eject the disc. Not a happy situation. Many remotes can be reprogrammed to solve these sorts of issues, I don't know if that's the case here. I didn't see it in the manual and the manual is excellent. In fact it should serve as a how-to guide for other audio manufactures. It is comprehensive, well laid out and well written with large and useful diagrams. Especially important considering the non standard function the P 7 can play in a home theater system.