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Panamax M4320-PRO AC Power Conditioner


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The Panamax M4320-PRO AC power conditioner/surge suppressor is one of a new class of Panamax/Furman products that feature remote power monitoring and management via the updated BlueBOLT system. BlueBOLT provides on-line remote control of your theater. One thing that piqued my interest at the 2010 CEDIA Expo was that Panamax is planning to release a line of related BlueBOLT wall modules. These will be used to wirelessly manage power throughout a customer’s home via the robust BlueBOLT web interface.

With BlueBOLT, custom electronics installers, integrators and end-users can remotely monitor and control power to their equipment by accessing power management components over the internet from anywhere in the world. Here, we review the Panamaz M4320-PRO AC Power Conditioner.


  • Design: AC Power Conditioner
  • Capacity: 20 Amp (2,400W)
  • Outlets: 8 Individually Controllable on Rear Panel, 1 on Front Panel
  • Fully Programmable
  • TCP/IP (BlueBOLT®) Installed
  • RS-232 Card (Included, Not Installed)
  • Linear Filtration with 3 Isolated LiFT Filter Banks, 76 dB (5 kHz - 250 kHz), 46 dB (250 kHz - 1 MHz)
  • One Isolated Filter Bank for High Current Devices, 60 dB (5 kHz - 450 kHz), 46 dB (450 kHz - 1 MHz)
  • Front Panel Circuit Breaker
  • Voltage Protection Rating: 500 V, 3,000 Amps
  • LAN, Coax and Telco Protection
  • 12 Volt Trigger Input
  • Dimensions: 1.75" H x 19" W x 12.25" D
  • Weight: 12 Pounds
  • MSRP: $749.95 USA
  • Panamax

Think about being able to power down the wall warts you don’t need most of the time. Or you could use it to control your lights when away from home. Panamax also had a live demo of a webcam in their studio that they could access through the BlueBOLT server. I keep thinking of new ways to use the system all the time . . . the possibilities, as they say, are endless.