Power Amplifiers

Wyred4Sound SX-1000 Monoblock Power Amplifier


Design and Setup

I received the SX-1000's double boxed and in excellent condition. Unpacking most amplifiers can be quite rough on the back, but these small and light monoblocks were a breeze to remove from the packing materials. Weighing in at just 14 pounds, you could take these anywhere you go, like say over to a friend's house? Or perhaps there is a speaker you wanted to pair them with at a local store. Absolutely not a problem with the SX-1000's, as you can pick one up with just one hand. The build quality was immediately noticeable when I first handled the solid aluminum chassis. Top notch WBT speaker posts along with both balanced and unbalanced inputs put this in the high-end class. The amps are available in both a silver and black accent finish and I opted for the black so they would blend in with my home theater. A subtle blue LED line lights up on the front and is dimmable via a small dial underneath; a wonderful feature to have in darkened home theater environments.

Setting up was as simple as placing the amps on top of my existing Parasound Halo A-23, a high bias class A/AB design, and switching out the connections. Until I upgrade to a new pre-amp/processor, I am stuck using the unbalanced connections. Since the mono's draw so little power in idle mode, I just left them on 24/7. Immediately I noticed how quiet they are. Not one ounce of hiss emanates from the speakers even when the volume is cranked, these amps are dead silent.