Power Amplifiers

Parasound New Classic 5250v.2 Multi-Channel Power Amplifier



I have a love-hate relationship with evaluating amplifiers. It's fun trying amps of different topologies, and power ratings, but it is also tedious to identify the sonic differences among well built designs. In the case of the Parasound New Classic 5250v.2 I looked at it as an upgrade to my AVR's amplifiers and under that light the differences were easier to distinguish. The Parasound proved to be an audible upgrade over my upper-level AVR in both power and finesse, nothing drastically significant, but the presentation was pleasantly refined. This amplifier has massive power and was able to drive my Electrostatics' to loud volumes without strain or overheating, exceeding my AVR's abilities. The added flexibility of variable gains allows this amp to be used with a wide variety of equipment which for my uses is ideal.