Power Amplifiers

Parasound Halo A 31 Three-Channel Power Amplifier


Conclusions about the Parasound Halo A 31 Power Amplifier

The A 31is a superb amplifier during my time with it. Impeccable in fit and finish, meeting all its specifications on our bench tests, and handling all the material I threw at it with no issue. The A 31 is powerful but refined, presenting a large, detailed soundstage and bringing out all the details in the recordings that I listened to. Movies that used the fronts and center had no issues pushing the speakers to reference level without losing control or leaving the bass muddled and slow.

Really this review was a challenge to write. Amplifiers don’t have an interface or user experience where I can complain about the interface, or a large number of controls that can be too complex to setup. When an amplifier works, it should become invisible to the user and just do its job without getting in the way. By staying out of the way and letting me enjoy the music, the A 31 made this review a challenge to find new ways to say that it sounded wonderful.

The only faults I found with the A 31 were the lack of a black finish finish, which has been remedied by a new finish that Parasound is releasing now, and the bright lights on the front of the unit. As many three-channel amps will be placed at the front of the theater, it is nice to be able to disable all the lights on them so they don’t distract from your movie experience, but with the Halo you have to cover them with tape to do so. Beyond these two cosmetic issues, I found nothing to complain about with the performance of the A 31. In fact, it performed so well I let Parasound know I’ll be paying for it and keeping it as my reference amp going forward.

The Halo A 31 is able to drive any speaker you are going to throw at it and not complain, as well as impeccably built and beautiful in appearance. The Halo A 31 is a wonderful amplifier and a product I imagine will remain in the Halo catalog for a long time to come.