Power Amplifiers

Earthquake Sound Cinenova Grande Multi-Channel Power Amplifier with Class A Bias


The Design

The Cinénova Grande utilizes amplifier modules that are complete with power supply capacitors. The only thing that is shared is the 4 KVA (4,000 watts) toroidal power transformer.

The circuit has a fully balanced input stage and a push-pull Class AB output stage.

The rear panel, shown below, illustrates the modular construction. Besides the XLR and RCA inputs (with selector switch), there is a switch to use the module as a low or high-pass amplifier in the case of bi-amplifying your speakers. A small potentiometer is turned (you can do this with your fingers, no small screw driver is required), to get the low or high-pass frequency you wish, in a 20 Hz to 5 kHz range. The middle position on the switch bypasses this circuit for full spectrum use.

The five-way speaker binding posts are plastic, but sturdy. On the right are the grounded AC receptacle and a toggle circuit breaker. So, you don't need to replace fuses. When powered on, small LEDs on the front panel illuminate.