Power Amplifiers

Earthquake Sound Cinenova 7 Multi-Channel Power Amplifier


The Design

Well, to start with, the Cinénova 7 is built in the USA, not overseas. Secondly, it does not draw much power at idle, so it is a "Green" product. Third, it is rated into 2 ohms, so it will drive electrostatic speakers with ease. (The huge power supply that allows it to be rated into 2 ohms is the main reason this amplifier is more expensive than most other seven-channel amplifiers that have similar power output.)

Each of the seven channels is an independent module with its own power supply capacitors. There are two large toroidal transformers with separate secondary windings for each channel. Each amplifier module has eight output devices.

The rear panel has all seven modules laid out, with the connections and switches for each module in a vertical array. Each module has an RCA unbalanced input, XLR balanced input, a switch to select the RCA or XLR input, an input sensitivity dial (to adjust the level of the input signal so that you have enough room on your processor volume control to make fine adjustments), and five-way speaker binding posts. The right side has a trigger and grounded AC socket.