Power Amplifiers

D-Sonic M3-5400-7 Class D Seven-Channel Power Amplifier


Setup of the D-Sonic M3-5400-7

As I commented above, this unit isn't small – it is much larger than my wyred4sound mini-MC5 amp, but not necessarily bigger than multi-channel amps you'd see elsewhere. The unit did need some coaxing to fit into my Mirage BDI rack, and because of its depth I was unable to place the back panel onto the rack. Not a big deal, but you'll want to make sure to check the dimensions if you are trying to fit into a tighter space.

I connected my speakers to the amp using my self-constructed speaker cables consisting of Canare Quad-Star 14/4 cable and locking gold plated banana terminals. The D‐Sonic can accommodate either banana, spade or bare wire connections. My front sound stage consisted of Usher Mini Dancer 2 towers and a BE-616 center channel. My surround channels are Paradigm Studio 10 bookshelf speakers. As I only use 5-channels in my current set-up, I did not try the amp in its 7‐channel configuration.

My Marantz AV-8801 pre/pro was connected to the M3 using balanced cables from Blue-Jeans. I ran a 12-volt trigger to the unit from the Marantz to allow sleep mode when not in use. I used an Oppo BDP-105 as a source for all listening; playing either Blu‐ray discs, Redbook CD's or Apple lossless tracks. Audyssey Pro enabled XT32 was implemented on the Marantz for all listening (no DynamicEQ was used).