Power Amplifiers

Bryston 9B SST2 Multi-channel Amplifier



Amplifiers are a tricky beast to review. One would think there would be a hugely obvious difference between amplifiers, yet when you get down to it the differences are minute at best. I did not notice a life-changing difference going from the Denon's built-in amps to the Bryston, nor did I notice a significant output difference. Instead, where I found the greatest change was with low-volume detail. With both the Denon and the Rotel amplifiers, they never shined until at mid to loud levels, where the Bryson was an absolute joy to listen to at every level. The 9B SST2 was able to constantly deliver high power to an entire MartinLogan five speaker set without issue.

Add an industry-leading warranty, massively over-built chassis, and the ability to drive hard loads, makes this amp a serious contender for any consumer wanting the best he can afford. If you like the idea of having a solid purchase that will outlive the rest of your system, and you prefer your amplifiers to just amplify and not color the sound, then the 9B SST2 needs to be on your shopping list.