Power Amplifiers

Bryston 4B SST2 Stereo Power Amplifier



If you've read this far your probably at least curious to hear whether the Bryston 4B SST2 should be added to your system. I'd say yes. There is no doubt that the Bryston is expensive – at least for people like me. But what of lasting quality is cheap? What have you purchased that you fully intend on using and enjoying the next 20 years? Your car? Not too likely if you drive an average 10-12 thousand miles a year. Your home? Well, I suppose. But living that long in one place is hardly a certainty these days. Perhaps a fine Rolex watch will be on your wrist for 20 years. Even in rapidly changing world of home theater, if you choose a 4B SST2 Bryston amplifier, you are likely starting a 20 plus year love affair.