Power Amplifiers

Bryston 4B SST2 Stereo Power Amplifier



While none were in quite the same league as the Bryston price wise, I did my best to support the Bryston with quality gear. Driving the 4B SST2 was the Marantz 7002 receiver that I reviewed earlier this year (available here). This receiver does not offer a balanced output, so I used the old stand-by; unbalanced RCA interconnects, between the Marantz pre-amp outputs and the Bryston. Cable length was a short 4 feet so this was not an issue. The cable type was a Monster Standard THX certified cable.

For the source components I used my Yamaha CDC-835 player. It was connected to the Marantz via a Monster Standard Digital coax THX certified cable.

Finally, I decided to listen to stereo sources exclusively in the review so I could focus on the performance of the Bryston as much as possible. With this in mind, I used the Pure Direct mode of the Marantz and disabled all other speakers including the subwoofer to eliminate any sources of extraneous noise. The speakers I used were my Infinity Beta 50 towers running in full range mode. The review of these speakers is available here on Secrets. Speaker cable was Monster's Ultra Series THX certified cable (What can I say – Monster was on sale).