Power Amplifiers

Bryston 28BSST2 Monoblock Power Amplifier


Conclusions about the Bryston 28BSST2 Power Amplifiers

Like Tool's Maynard James Kenan sings in Flood "I was wrong, this changes everything". My time spent with the 28BSST2s has made me rethink the importance of amplification and power in the playback chain. The endless current and attention to detail of the 28BSST2s changed my opinion of what an amp could do. As well the increased low-level resolution changed my opinion of what an amp should do. The sheer dynamic scale was staggering and provided accurate reproduction without being clinical. Their ability to work with a wide range of speakers is a testament to the achieved design goals by the team at Bryston.

As an entire system the Bryston Mini T speakers, BP17 preamp and 28BSST2 amplifiers combine to create a reference-grade system capable of realistic output levels and low–level finesse. At ease with all kinds of music the system excelled with complex percussive tracks which benefited greatly from the astonishingly low noise floor and yet they could switch over to delicate vocal tracks without losing the emotion and beauty. My experience with this system has forever reshaped my reference and I look forward to comparing other systems to this benchmark.

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