Power Amplifiers

Bel Canto S500 Stereo Power Amplifier



In the never ending chase to produce quality goods at affordable prices, audiophiles are about to undergo a transitional period, kind of like the tube to solid state transition. Manufacturers are fighting to survive the rising costs of materials (copper torroids & aluminum heat sinks,) shipping (raw and finished goods,) and competitive labor (fabrication and assembly.) Even Rotel has dumped the trusted 1090 for its own ICEpower module amp. The ICEpower age is showing the way to the future; with more emphasis on all encompassing green products and high wife approval factor. But, tube, A, and A/B amp lovers, don't panic, history has shown an ever existent market for prior art, look at the boutique tube and vinyl equipment market. So, in conclusion, I like this amp, I really do. I wholeheartedly recommend the S500 to anyone looking for a transparent sounding, high quality built amp in a sensible package containing the latest in current amp design.