Power Amplifiers

Bel Canto S500 Stereo Power Amplifier


The Design

Bel-Canto-S500 Power Amplifier

The photo shows the clean inter layout of the S500 with its ICEpower modules and accompanying proprietary input conditioning boards. Bel Canto's modular design with quick connect twisted wiring harnesses are of optimal lengths and strategically placed to minimize any induced noise, distortion or crosstalk; and it looks good too. The high quality rear panel connectors and switches also lend themselves well to gear in this price range. I was most impressed by the fit and finish of the cabinet. The abundant use of allen head screws and threaded inserts in place of the usual self-tapping screws was a pleasant surprise as was the 0.10" extra heavy gage (12) metal cabinet. The solid 0.50" thick face plate and heavy black textured finish gave the unit an elegant look and quality finished feel. The sturdy cabinet construction contributes significantly to the S500 total 15 pound. weight.