Phono Stages

Bryston BP-1.5 Phono Preamplifier


The Design

The front panel of the BP-1.5 only has an on/off toggle and mute toggle. The rear panel has a pair of RCA inputs and a pair of RCA outputs. There are four dip switches, each of which can be turned on or off, giving several combinations of capacitance loading for MM cartridges. The maximum capacitance load is 188 pF (pico-Farads). There is a toggle to select whether you are using an MM or MC cartridge. Gain is set internally by moving some jumper connectors. The available gain for MM cartridges is 35 dB or 41 dB, and for MC cartridges, 51.5 dB, 57.5 dB, or 63.5 dB. The gain setting is determined by the output of your cartridge.

Shown below is a diagram of the rear panel dip switch positions to give the various capacitance loading with MM cartridges.


The BP-1.5 is connected to the MPS-2 power supply by a six-pin cable that plugs into one of the four available power supply outputs, shown below.