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Some of the DVDs that JJ Uses for Product Reviews





The scenes where the terrorists take over Air Force One are phenomenal.

Although it is not a great movie overall, the attack scenes are worth the price of admission.

And, of course, the Pod Race. Shadow detail (in the cave) is tested to the limit, and voice clarity of the race announcer amidst the crowd roar is a good test for your center channel.

Omaha Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944, was hell on earth.

The scenes where the tunnel blows up will surely test your power amplifiers and subwoofer.

From the opening scene to Jurassic Lunch, this is a great test disc.

The battle scenes between the humans and the machines are state of the art computer graphics. The sound effects match the picture quality as well.

Chapters 4 and 11 are my favorites in this film.

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