Movie Renter's Guide - April, 2008



"I Am Legend" (Blu-ray)


In 2012 New York, Virologist Robert Neville (Smith) may be the last person still alive after a virus that was supposed to cure cancer evolved and turned humans into extremely violent creatures almost unrecognizable from their human original.

Robert is trying to develop an immunization plan to protect anyone not yet infected, and as part of this, must capture some of the very dangerous creatures that have already turned.

In the meantime, he tries to find someone, anyone, left in New York, who is still a sane, uninfected human being. For the time being, he relishes moments spent with his dog Sam.

The most important thing for survival is to keep the creatures from discovering where he lives, and he accomplishes this by staying indoors when it is dark, only venturing out during the day, as the creatures are very sensitive to light.

When another person and her son are found, the three must now fight for their lives when the creatures discover his home.


  • Warner Brothers
    2007, Color, Rated PG-13, 1 Hr 50 min
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
  • 1080p
  • Codec: Not Specified
  • DD 5.1, Dolby TrueHD
  • Directed by Francis Lawrence
  • Starring Will Smith, Alice Bragha, Dash Mahok
  • Entertainment:
  • Video:
  • Audio:
  • Extras:
  • Violence: Yes
  • Sex: No
  • Language: Mild


This is basically a remake of The Omega Man (1971) starring Charlton Heston. In that version, the creatures could speak, being led by Anthony Zerbe. In the 2007 version, the creatures are much more frightening, and the only time they open their mouths is to bite a victim.

I figured that the 2007 film, like most remakes, would be boring, but I was actually quite pleasantly surprised. Smith's laid back portrayal of Robert Neville trying to maintain his sanity when all alone in the world is really very good. It sort of reminds me of Tom Hanks in Cast Away, talking to his volleyball.


A beautiful picture here, with no edge enhancement. Great use of surround sound too, and blow-you-out-of-your-chair scary moments.


These include Creating I Am Legend, The Science of I Am Legend, and Animated Comics.