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"Gone With the Wind"(Blu-ray) - Reviewed by Jim Milton

Gone with the Wind


The narcissistic Scarlett is in love with a man she can not have and loses the man who would give anything to keep her. Set against the backdrop of the Civil War, this film adaptation of Margaret Mitchell's epic drama is a true Ameican movie classic wonderfully restored in 1080p and released to commemorate the 70th anniversary of its initial release in theaters.


  • Warner Home Video
  • 2009, Color, G, 233 Minutes
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • 1080p
  • French, Spanish, English Dolby TrueHD 5.1
  • Starring:  Clark Gable, Vivian Leigh, Leslie Howard, Olivia DeHavilland
  • Directed by Victor Fleming
  • Entertainment:
  • Video:
  • Audio:
  • Extras:
  • Violence: War depiction
  • Sex: None
  • Language: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a ..."


This 70th anniversary remaster on BD is quite stunning. Colors are lush and deep. You can almost feel the velvet in the dresses at the ball. Details pop out at you and the sharpness of the details reveal things I had not noticed in the DVD version. For example, you can clearly see a red and white radio tower in the background during the street scene when Atlanta is being evacuated. You may notice the wires that hold Scarlett's horse in place under the bridge as she hides from the Yankees. Also, many of the backdrops are clearly identifiable as matte paintings. Detractions? Not at all. For me it gives a greater appreciation for the effort master movie makers put into their craft back then. The picture quality is remarkably good and presented in the original 4:3 aspect ratio. Flesh tones are accurate, shadows are inky black and textures are wonderfully presented. The audio is very good for its age, with use of the surrounds in scenes that call for it. Dialogue is crisp and clear. The musical score is wide and sweeping, befitting an epic motion picture of this magnitude. I can assure you, no audience in 1939 saw this film look and sound this good in the theater. Every movie buff should have this film classic in their library and this BD version is the one to own.


The enhanced resolution of the 1080p/VC-1 encode outclasses any prior transfer, making this version of 'Gone With the Wind' indisputably the best. The Technicolor photography is a joy to behold. Hues possess terrific saturation without appearing garish or overblown. The colorful accents of various costumes pop, fleshtones are spot-on, and black levels are always rich and deep.


My review copy is of the movie only, but a 4 disc commemorative edition is available with copious extras that include interviews, photos and "making of" videos.