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"Monsters University" (Blu-ray) - Reviewed by Chris Heinonen



Before they worked at Monsters Inc., Mike and Sully had to start somewhere, and that was college. They are both freshmen in the Monsters University scaring program, looking to learn what they need to know to work at Monsters Inc.  Unfortunately they manage to get themselves thrown out when they are unable to successfully pass the first term final.

Determined to get back into the scare program, they enter the Scare Games with members of the Oozma Kappa fraternity. If they are able to defeat the other fraternities and sororities they will be admitted back into the scare program. However if they lose, Mike will be forced to withdraw from Monsters University altogether. With a rag-tag collection of fraternity brothers, managing to beat the other teams, including the powerful Roar Omega Roar fraternity, is going to be a hard challenge.


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  • Violence: Cartoon Violence
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Pixar has been a bit mixed recently with sequels. With a sequel to Finding Nemo coming soon its made a few people wonder if they’re lacking in inspiration. Thankfully Monsters University actually has a lot of spark going for it and is a very enjoyable film. Kids enjoy it but parents will get even more out of it with all the subtle jokes hidden throughout. I've managed to watch this six times with the kids already and still manage to enjoy it so there is plenty of repeat value in the film.


Monsters University looks absolutely stunning on Blu-ray. From small details like the texture of a hat to the fur of the monsters, there isn’t a single pixel out of place. The details you will see are amazing and it will show off whatever you watch it on.

The audio here also impresses. From the sound of the dean flying around a classroom to the creaks in a dark campground the whole soundtrack impresses. Pixar does a wonderful job of capturing the ambient sounds and details of a college campus and pulls you into the film. Whether it is the first team challenge where sounds come from all around, to a scream container flying around the room, the soundtrack is top notch.


Tons of extra featurettes, an animated short, DVD and Digital Copies, audio commentary, deleted scenes, and more.