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The Pacifica Quartet Snares a Grammy

The Pacifica Quartet Snares a GrammyOn February 8, 2009, the Pacifica Quartet snared a Grammy for Best Chamber Music Performance for their Naxos recording of Elliot Carter’s first and fifth string quartets. Three days later, I was on the phone, interviewing the quartet second violinist Sibbi Bernhardsson for a series of articles.


Movie Renter's Guide - March, 2009

movie-march-2009-teaser.jpgThe Midnight Meat Train (Blu-ray), Donnie Darko (Blu-ray), Milk (Blu-ray), What Just Happened (Blu-ray), Australia (Blu-ray), JCVD (Blu-ray), In the Electric Mist (Blu-ray), The Robe (Blu-ray), Transporter 3 (Blu-ray), Quantum of Solace (Blu-ray)


A Collection of New Vinyl Releases - December, 2008

Vinyl Reviews Bob DylanWhat is there to say about Bob Dylan that hasn't been said already?  His fans pore over his every word, dissect every couplet, and assign their own meaning to an artist that has made a career out of evading definition.  Every release is studied and reported upon in chat rooms, barrooms, and living rooms.


A Collection of New Vinyl Releases - February, 2009

New Vinyl ReleasesNeil Young has been making music for well past 40 years now. His catalog is extensive. His disdain for his labels' expectations is legendary. The man was sued by his own company for making records that didn't sound like Neil Young. His live setlists are frequently populated by songs that the casual fan has never heard. His concept albums have been brilliant (see "Tonight's the Night") & confusing (witness "Greendale"). His next release is rumored to be an album about an electric car. I'm serious.


Movie Renter's Guide - December, 2008

movie-december-2008-teaser.jpgKung Fu Panda (Blu-ray), Mama Mia (Blu-ray), Event Horizon (Blu-ray), The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) (Blu-ray), Serenity (Blu-ray), The Cheetah Girls: One World (Blu-ray), The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (Blu-ray), Burn After Reading (Blu-ray), The Duchess (Blu-ray), The Dark Knight (Blu-ray)


Movie Renter's Guide - February, 2009

movie-february-2009-teaser.jpgAppaloosa (Blu-ray), W. (Blu-ray), Changeling (Blu-ray), Miracle at St. Anna (Blu-ray), Eagle Eye (Blu-ray), Traitor (Blu-ray)


Music Reviews - November, 2008

nov-cd-brandenburg-leadin.jpgIt’s easy to dismiss Bach’s six Brandenburg Concertos assonic wallpaper. Their presence on classical FM, internet radio, iTunes, andconcert programs around the world is virtually as ubiquitous as Vivaldi’snot-always-evergreen Four Seasons. Most recordings, however, are dismayingly routine, with modern instrument players sawing and blowing away as if executing these babies was just another gig on the calendar.

Hold on to your harpsichord, partner. If you think you know Bach’s six Brandenburg Concertos inside and out, take a listen to this award-winning two-CD set.


Movie Renter's Guide - January, 2009

movie-january-2009-teaser.jpgHancock (Blu-ray), Swing Vote (Blu-ray), The Bourne Trilogy (Blu-ray), The Express (The Ernie Davis Story) (Blu-ray), King Kong (2005) (Blu-ray), Universal Soldier (Blu-ray), My Best Friend's Girl (Blu-ray), Max Payne (Blu-ray), Saw V (Blu-ray), Space Buddies (Blu-ray), Bangkok Dangerous (Blu-ray), Righteous Kill (Blu-ray), Dexter: The First Season (Blu-ray)


An Interview with Concert Violinist Vadim Gluzman

gluzman-intvw-fig-1-leadin.jpg"I’m afraid that if you took the violin away from me, I wouldn’t be able to breathe"

When my editor at American Record Guide learned that I was about to interview Vadim Gluzman, he was jealous beyond belief. Having just listened to Gluzman’s latest recording, an acoustically superior hybrid SACD on the BIS label of violin concertos by Tchaikovsky and Glazunov, he was astounded by Gluzman’s virtuosity and musicianship.


Holiday Music Reviews - December, 2008

Holiday Music Leroy AndersonGloom is banished with this delightful collection of Leroy Anderson’s holiday music. While some dismiss the American composer’s achievements as second-rate, there’s no question that classics such as “Sleigh Ride” and “Suite of Carols for Brass Choir” speak with irresistible color and sonority.


Movie Renter's Guide - November, 2008

movie-november-2008-teaser.jpgTinker Bell (Blu-ray), Sleeping Beauty (Blu-ray), Transsiberian (Blu-ray), Hellboy II (Blu-ray), The Strangers (Blu-ray), Magagascar (Blu-ray), Wall•E (Blu-ray), Tropic Thunder (Blu-ray), Wanted (Blu-ray), The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian (Blu-ray), TV Series - Hannah Montana (SD DVD), Prison Break (Blu-ray), Lost (Blu-ray), Grey's Anatomy (Blu-ray)