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Squeezebox Duet Wireless Music Streamer



We all would like to be able to play our CD collection in several rooms of our house, but rummaging through the pile of CDs is a pain, and they could be spread out in all those rooms and difficult to locate. A Media Server solves that problem, but dedicated units are very expensive. Using your PC to rip and store your CDs, along with an inexpensive wireless music streamer in the other rooms is the answer for those of us on a budget. The Squeezebox Duet is just such a product, is easy to set up, does have a bit of a learning curve, but the music plays and it sounds great. All at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated music server.

UPDATE 11/16/09: I have had a Squeezebox Duet for more than a year. I had initial difficulties getting it connected to my network, and several months later, same thing. Tech support on the phone helped me through the process, but it was not easy. Lots of unplugging things, taking the battery out of the handset, etc.

So, today, I had the logging onto my network problem again, reset everything, put in my 128 bit password, and it froze at the point of setting up the receiver. Got on the phone with tech support, went around in circles unplugging the receiver, taking the battery out of the handset, unplugging the router, around and around and around, over and over, but it still would not get through the receiver setup.

I have decided that this product is just not worth the hassle. The handset, receiver, and wall warts are in a big blue can on my driveway now, waiting for the trash collector on Wednesday. On the forum for the Squeezebox Duet, there is a thread entitled "Who regrets having bought a Duet?" Here is a link to the thread:

Sorry, but I have to now retract my recommendation for this product. I don't want potential new victims to have to go through this experience of getting the Duet to do its thing. When it works, it's fine, but when the connection goes astray and you have to reset the whole thing, it's a nightmare. I plan to review some other products in this category, so hopefully, we will discover one that is easy to set up and use.