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WideaLab Aurender S10 Music Server


Conclusions about the WideaLab Aurender S10 Music Server

For solidity of construction, appearance, and ease of operation, WideaLab's Aurender S10 music storage and playback system rivals the best on the market. Short of the Meridian Sooloos, which can cost twice as much or more depending upon configuration, the S10 may very well be the most versatile, easy-to-use one-piece file server/storage device currently available.

Its sound is also excellent. Although I would hesitate to call it "state-of-the-art," I am not sure that "state-of-the-art" music server file playback has yet been achieved. The medium is too new, and the latest innovations still being implemented. If for the moment I forego ease of operation, stick to computer playback using Amarra, constantly shuffle between various external HDs in a time-consuming search of files, and save my sheckels, do not hasten to recommend the S10 to anyone searching for an elegant, efficient, and easy-to-use file playback system that yields sound far better than most folks ever thought possible from a music server.