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Olive 03HD Music Server



After spending a few weeks with the Olive, I was a bit conflicted in my feelings for it but talking to Olive about it was a very good experience. I came to them with a list of things that I saw on the player that could use a bit of tweaking or improvements (support for the Album Artist tag on imported FLAC files, a better way to burn a CD) and they took those suggestions to heart, and will be trying to get them into the updated software as soon as possible. I also made a mention that there were some things about the interface that I would like to see tweaked in the future, and they were very open to discussing those with me. Some of those changes were things they had done in the past, but had changed to the current method after other users gave them similar feedback that they would like to see it handled differently.

Of course, no company can make a product that is going to be custom tailored to every user, or designed exactly how a user wants it to be. However, it's very nice to see a company that was as receptive, and solution oriented, to the suggestions that I put forth as Olive was. They want their product to be the best on the market, and will listen to what all their users have to say to make it that way.

I would recommend that people that are interested in a home music server that requires no computer backend or external drives check out the Olive 03HD, and even more so if you have an iOS or Android device to browse through your library from your listening position easily. It does what it advertises, sounds great, and is ready for the future of 24/192 downloaded music. Since many others and myself think that high resolution, downloaded music is the way of the future, the Olive is a great way to get there and still enjoy your current CD collection as well.